Juvia’s Place The Taupes Eyeshadow Palette // Review

Hello my beauty lovers!

You most probably have already figured it out what we are chatting about today. And it is looking like it may be several episodes of new series , let’s say.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I have never tried anything from this brand but one complexion item.

So, this time around, I have decided to take advantage of holiday deals and get my hands on a new brand.

You may click here to watch full video of my unboxing or you may choose to read this post till the end. Either way, thank you for stopping by and spending several minutes of your day with me in my space, where we talk about beauty products and share all the thoughts of good and bad, and help each other not to buy crap.

Now, let’s take a closer look and talk about this eyeshadow palette.

What’s In It for you?

The palette has six shades three of which are matte and the other three are shimmers. The palette does not have indication of names to the shades which to me makes things a bit more tricky when it comes to creating content.

There is no mirror in this palette which is very on trend with other palettes from this brand. The design of the packaging is very on trend as well, and is beautiful to my liking.

The outer packaging is a complete match to the design of the palette itself

The Swatches

These are the official Instagram swatches which are different from the initial swatches that I made in the unboxing video. It is different in the way that shows the color at it fullest and it is built up as a matter of fact. It doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s what you get with a brush application.

I usually use finger to make the official swatches to build up the intensity of each color, and at times I would use a brush if I am using the stencil – just to stay within the lines. I hope this description makes sense to you. I you have any questions about that, feel free to leave your questions or comments in the s[ace below.

Nevertheless, from the swatches below you can see the variety of neutral tones of both mattes and shimmers. To my opinion, this is definitely not an all inclusive palette, and by that I mean that not all these shades will show up on every skin tone. I am very pale and it worked for me, and even that, I think that the shades were more on a lighter intensity – with mattes and shimmers.

The mattes are nice and blend quite easily and can be build up a little bit. However, I wish there was more depth to this palette. As for shimmers – 2 of the shimmers seems more of a toppers that a full shimmer shade (2 on the left on the image below – the more golden shade and grey one). The shimmer shade that is on the right of the image below that Is more bronze- this shimmer is a true creamy and fully pigmented shimmer color that does not require to even be build up too much.

Just wanted to mention one thing here while we are at it – when I play with any given palette, often times I come down to stories on my Insta to show a little sneak peak of a look in real life. Just a thought, if you like the palette reviews you could check out my IG as well for live deets.

Juvia’s Place The Taupes Eyeshadow Palette

The Packaging

The packaging is pretty on trend with many other palettes from the brand. The design of the palette itself matches identically to the outer box. I personally, find it so attractive. Like I have mentioned earlier, there is no mirror included. The packaging is fully cardboard and it is more environmentally friendly and easily to recycle.

The Look

For the look below I used the matte shade at the crease blended out to the brow bone. Then added matte grey shade (top right corner on the palette image ) to build up the depth and add some diminution to the look and also add a transition into the silver shimmer shade. As I final touch, I added my recently favorite lashes and a liquid eyeliner in one thin line to pull the entire look together. I also kept the rest of the look pretty neutral to makeup the eyes stand out the most.

I was pretty pleased how the entire look came out. I definitely needed to build up the silver shimmer with my finger to make it look more full. One thing I wanted to mention that is very interesting – the silver shimmer aka topper shade – comes off almost as a duo chrome. It has a tint of purple shimmers in it as well, which catches the light and looks quite unique. On the image below the camera unfortunately didn’t pick up that special effect, but I needed to mentioned it to you since the palette is quite small and this shade brings some interest to it.

The Taupes eyeshadow palette by Juvia’s Place

Is it Worth it ?

I have some final thoughts before you go – let’s sum up some Pros and Cons. The packaging is beautiful and compact, no mirror is no big deal to me personally, one can use another products with mirror or use an actual handheld mirror . Half of the shades are shimmers and half are matte. I love that this palette is mostly cool toned but has a little bit of warmer tones to help cresting the dimension. I think overall this is a good palette for everyday use. It is, however, to my opinion incomplete. There is no real dimension and also it is not fully inclusive like I mentioned earlier.

The pigmentation of this palette is not as high as other palettes from the brand that I own. My final verdict, if you are looking for a smaller palette with cooler tones , I’d look further. I will be sharing my full collection of cool toned eyeshadows in the nearest future on my YouTube channel. If that it something that you may be interested in checking out, click here to subscribe.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful. Give it a thumb up if you did, and share it with someone who you think may also like it. Feel free to stay for awhile exploring pages of my blog and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave.

From Eve with Love

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