October 2020 Favorites and Misses // Makeup

Hello my beauty lovers!

As “wonderful” year of 2020 continues, I haven’t had a chance to review these products any sooner since most of this make up products were purchased several months ago, and I never gave them a fair chance to prove themselves. Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of the products that are recently tested and I am ready to give you my full opinion on how they performed.

Let’s begin from the complexion products. This powder foundation and concealer are a part of the same launch from L’Oreal. I am a huge fan of complexion products and I wanted to try these two as soon as I could get my hands on them.

L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Creamy Pressed powder foundation shade 300 Ivory ; L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect radiant concealer shade

This creamy pressed powder foundation is infused with ceramides and minerals. It has buildable coverage without oxidation. The brand states that this product was formulated specifically to target mature adult skin type.

This powder foundation worked well for me. I used it with a dense fluffy powder brush to apply in circular motions on skin. The original finish of this powder foundation is satin/natural. On my oily combination skin it didn’t last the whole entire day without setting it with a setting spray. Overall, I did like this product.

I was more impressed with the concealer however. This concealer was formulated with glycerin and face serum to hydrate skin. The brand states that this is the product from the line that was specifically formulated and curated for mature aging skin, Which I definitely agree with this statement and saw the performance of this product as it is advertised.

I used this product for under my eye area to conceal my redness and my blueness. It definitely concealed everything that I needed to conceal and also it did feel very serum-y on skin and looked skin -like. If you follow me on my social media and on my blog, I’ve mentioned this in the past that I do have a wrinkly under eyes and this concealer looked so good and natural, it didn’t settle in the minor lines that I have. I did need to set it with the light powder in order for product to stay for longer. But it did look very very natural and felt light throughout the day.

I shared this next product on my Instagram stories when I purchased it several months ago. I had purchased it from the commendation of one person who’s opinion I really trust. This powder has absolutely gorgeous packaging. It feels so high end. I picked mine up at target. I specifically purchase this powder to set my under eye area. The shade worked very well for my skin tone.

No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action translucent Finishing pressedpowder shade Light

I used small fluffy brush to apply it under my eyes to set the powder. I definitely noticed that it blurred out the skin and minimize the appearance of pores, which I liked a lot. This powder is Quite firmly pressed, and has minimal fall out upon pick up with the brush from the pan. I really liked that this product is fragrance free and not scented. The skin around eyes is very gentle and fragrance could easily irritated that area. All this being said, I still think that I have some other products that I like more in my collection. I don’t think I will be re- purchasing this one in the future.

This next review is going to be very brief. I think that this brow mascara is worth trying. The formula is more dry. The shade of this product has cool undertone which worked very well for me. It was a little bit difficult to determine the exact shade by the packaging and by the name. The brush applicator is a little bit larger what I would normally prefer however it did work well with applying the product and distributing it evenly without any issues. The brush is made out of hairy bristles.

Wet N Wild Ultimatebrow mascara Shade Blonder over Yonder

I also realize that this product reminded me so much of one high end product which for time being I will keep a secret. Stay tuned for my dupes blog post coming very soon.

Let’s talk some Becca products, shall we? I haven’t tried Becca lip products in the past. And I was really excited to try this combination. Needless to say that the packaging is absolutely stunning. The tubes are heavier and bulkier which gives them the lux feel. These lip shades are definitely up my alley.

Shades top- Blaze , bottom – Dune

The nude shade i could use whole year round, while I would reach out to the pink shade summer and spring.

The formula for this lipstick is very creamy and comfortable on lips. There is no scent to this product. It goes on Nicely pigmented and easily. One layer would give you the full coverage that you need. I would recommend using this lipstick with a Combination of a lip pencil. Its creamy formula tends to bleed outside of the edges. Also I wanted to mention that currently, that we are all in the middle of pandemic and are to wear facial coverings, this product is not a long wearing. The day that I had this lipstick on, as much as I love this product, it completely came off from my lips and stayed on my mask. But besides that, I absolutely love this lipstick formula.

Last but not least in this brand category is the pencil. The color of it is my perfect nude coraly shade. I thought that the opposite side rubbery corrector wasn’t that much of a help in fixing the outline. The pencil is very soft, creamy, and pigmented. It goes on lips Very easily. However, I wouldn’t say it long wearing. But it is absolutely gorgeous on.

One thing that I was kind of disappointed with was that this powder was not suitable for my skin type.

This next powder foundation is wonderful at first. It has a soft texture, it goes on skin very smoothly and effortlessly, giving you full coverage. This powder also helps with smoothing your skin and appearance of pores and imperfections. This powder is truly illuminating and gives you this beautiful healthy glow once applied.

One thing that I was kind of disappointed with was that this powder was not suitable for my skin type. I have a combination oily skin. Upon initial application this powder looks absolutely flawless, almost Instagram filter -like blurred out look.

However, after about two hours my natural oils started coming through and the whole entire texture looked awful. Everything looked very caky and accentuated all the imperfections on my face.

I will continue using this powder, however, I know that this product will need to be used with specific primer ( more gripping and possibly mattifying) and specific setting spray. Something that is more mattifying and long lasting. If you tried this product, how did it work for you?

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful. Give it a thumbs up if you did and share it with someone who you think may also like it. Feel free to stay for a while and explore the pages of my blog, and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave so you won’t miss any future posts.

From Eve with Love

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