Magical Mystical Me// Essence Makeup Eyeshadow Palette// Review

Hello my beauty lovers!

You think you may have seen this post just recently posted? Did I post it twice by mistake? No, it is a new review of the new palette from Essence Makeup.

I knew I needed to have my hands on it right away. You know that feeling when you know once you see it? That was exactly that moment for me. I am not a stranger to Essence Makeup brand for many different products, including the eyeshadow palettes. This palette doesn’t look like anything else that brand has to offer. I am wondering if this palette has the same formula that I liked in other palettes previously.

What’s in it for you

This palette has 12 pans. The top row is all shimmer, while the bottom row is all matte shades. The shades range from neutral to warmer tones.

The Packaging

This palette has a very simple yet quite interesting packaging. It opens up in a way like it almost unfolds from one side.The outside material is velvety.

The palette has a magnetic closure. No mirror included.

The Quality

I was pleasantly surprised to see how consistent the quality is up in this palette. The mattes blend effortlessly and they’re quite pigmented. The shimmers are beautiful as well. I find it best to apply with finger then correct and blend the edges with a brush.

The eyeshadows wear very well throughout the day without creasing or fading. There is no minimum fall out upon application. There is some glitter fall out from the shimmer shades, but very minimal and easy removed with the fluffy brush without smudging. The shimmer shades also come off more intense when using with adhesive.

The matte eyeshadows are powdery upon initial pick up with a good amount of fall out. But to be honest with you, for such an expensive price tag I don’t mind it at all, because the quality of the shadow and how it performs is very good.

The Swatches

I just love the versatility of this palette. You can easily make several completely different looks with it. This palette makes and great everyday palette, to my opinion.

The Look

There are no shade names in this palette. I created this smoky eye look using cool tone shades. .

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From Eve with Love

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