Olori 3 Eyeshadow Palette by Juivia’s Place

Hello my beauty lovers!

In today’s post I’m talking about the small but very cute little 6 pan eyeshadow palette Olori 3 by Juvia’s place. I have quite few eyeshadow palettes from the brand and nicely familiar with the formula. What really drew me in was the color story- the neutral row with very unexpected pop of colors. My mind went wondering right away what makeup looks I can come up with and is it even possible to use the entire palette together for one complex look? This is Exactly what I’m going to be covering today in the blog.

Olori 3 Eyeshadow palette / Juvia’s Place

What’s In It for You

Olori means queen in the Yoruba language which is spoken by the Yoruba tribe in west Africa. This palette is the part of the Queen series of palettes from Juvia’s Place brand.

Let’s take a look at the palette anatomy. You get pretty typical cardboard packaging that we have seen in other Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes before, in previous launched of this kind. There are six round eyeshadow pans. Four of the shades are matte shades and two of them are shimmers. All the matte shades are marked as pressed pigments, and not intended to be used around the immediate eye area. Please take this into your consideration.


Olori 3 Eyeshadow palette Swatches

Makeup look

For this makeup look I wanted to use the entire palette not to only test all the shades but also to show the cohesiveness of this little palette and how you can really use all the shades together. At first, it may seem like some colors don’t go together and this is why I wanted to prove that they DO.

Since the shades are not named or numbered. Let’s count them as 1,2,3 .. from top left to right, then 4,5,6 bottom left to right.

Here’s how I created this look :I started with applying #4 with semi – dense blending brush and packed the color along the crease and above ( this is the makeup application technique I usually use on my semi- hooded eyelids). Then I went into the shade #3 with a small blending brush to blend those 2 shades together staying on the very outer edges of the first shade that I placed. After that I picked up shade #6 in a small dense packing brush and packed that color to its full intensity on the inner and outer corners of my upper lids crating a Halo eye effect. To finish off the upper lid I added #2 shade ( my favorite shade of the palette ) right into the center. This shade applies best with finger.

On the lower lid I first went in with the small flat blending brush with the shade #1 all over the lower lid. Then with the same brush, added shade #5 all over it missing those 2 shades together by also adding not only a hint of brighter color but also shine. Those 2 shades blended in so nicely together without clashing in tones!

Final thoughts

This palette initially attracted me with its unique color story. Have we seen all these shades before? Sure, we have! But I say – ” Not in this combination!”. So, to my opinion, this color story is unique in the color pairing and perfect undertones of all the shades, how perfectly they compliment each other.

I have created the quite neutral look with this palette using the bottom row of the palette and I loved it! You also could go bold and bright with those brave shades. For the look that I created in the image above, I have used all six shades and, I fell in love with it. I do not think I own one single small eyeshadow palette with which I created a one gorgeous look using absolutely every single shade in that palette. This is definitely one on the books, or on the eyes, should I say?

I think you now get an idea what I think and how I feel about Juvia’s Place Olori 3 eyeshadow palette. It is fabulous and surely is one of my favorite color stories within all the palettes in my collection.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this blog post and would like to explore more, I invite you to check out my YouTube channel where I share new videos every week.


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