Kylie Cosmetics // Blushes, Lips, Kybrows // Swatches+Review

It is an old song that celebrities started coming out with their own cosmetic lines long ago. Are all of them good? Are those products worth your money? Do you actually get quality products or you are just a fan? Are you chasing brand names in general and don’t mind spending $$ for the name sake of it?

This post isn’t going to be about KJ – bad or good. This is completely unbiased review and testing of makeup as a category of products. Let’s just put all the names aside and talk some makeup, ok? Plain and simple.

I have recently picked up few items from Kylie Cosmetics. I am kind of new to this brand and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I have tried lip products from this brand and this time I wanted to test few other of her formulas due to very high positive reviews – blushes, creme lipsticks, and of course I wouldn’t miss trying an eyebrow product. Because it is a relationship status at this point of my life.

Let’s take a look.

The Blushes

Shades from bottom to top: Kitten Baby, Close to Perfect, We’re Going Shopping

You may ask ” where are the swatches ?” . One interesting fact – these blushes don’t swatch well, BUT they are pigmented and easily buildable, apply beautifully with a brush. They are all matte finishes, which I personally prefer on a daily basis because my love for highlighters.

The packaging is simple yet very girly and cute. There is a full size mirror in each of them, which is always helpful to have handy for the rest of the makeup application. The closure is sturdy and makes it travel friendly. They are available on Kilye Cosmetics website and now also at Ulta.

They for sure made it to my blush favorites.

The Creme Lipsticks

It seams like beauty industry is heading towards the creamy, all glowy trends. NO MORE matte finishes for anything. More natural looks and dewy everything! I am totally down for that.

As much as I LOVE lip products ( from lip care to color products) I couldn’t miss an opportunity to try these creme lipstick, specially with all high positive reviews as these. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting to like them as much as I did.

I can explain, KJ brand is marketed primary for a younger generation ( teens to 20s). I do not fall into that age category. However, there were so many good feedbacks about certain products from her color cosmetics line that I got curious and wanted to find out for myself, going into testing all the items that I picked up in this “mini Kylie Cosmetics Haul” without much expectations. It Is very interested not me how it actually turned out and many of them I added to my favorites that I reach out to a ton on a daily basis on various occasions.

The Lip Swatches

From left to right : Creme Brûlée, Dulce De Leche, Passion

I can’t even hold it guys, the formula is amazing! From pigmentation, todurability, to color selection is a A+ from me. You only really need one coat application to get a full coverage pigment with these . No I am actually serious, they are that good. There is no bad scents to them and they LAST !

The packaging is pretty basic but well made.

The color selection is limited to neutrals ( which I personally love and never can have enough) that would suit any skin tone.

The Brows

I’ll be quick and to the point here. First, I need to introduce you to my eyebrow game a bit and my preferences, that way you can understand where I am coming from with my reviews.

Mother nature didn’t bless me with a beautiful full fluffy natural eyebrows. She gave me other nice things to enjoy in life, but not eyebrows. So I have to WORK to make them look full and naturally looking as much as it is humanly possible. Needless to say, that it is a constant search for the next best product, eyebrow tool and technique. That is what I call a COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP. You name the product or a brand, very high chance I have tried it. I. also had my eyebrows microbladed several times to make my life easier, and it did, as a matter of fact, make my life easier, but that it at all another whole different story. Let me know if you wanted me to share more of that with you in the comment below or on my social media platforms.

Now that you get an idea, let get back to the products that are in the pictures above. I picked up an eyebrow pomade in the shade Blonde, and the clear brow gel. (FIY, Ulta doesn’t carry brow products, only original website).

The brow pomade is shade Blonde
The eye brow gel in Clear

The pomade is available in 6 shades and only 2 of them are more of less suitable for lighter skin tone. I chose Blonde, even though I can still make it work, it is a bit warm to my liking. It is pretty affordable ($16 ), I might pick up a Cool light brown shade next time. I think it will be a better match. I have to say I love the formula and texture of this pomade. It is thick enough to be picked up with a brush and sticks to the skin and eyebrow hair easily. Also it is nicely pigmented – one stroke application is enough to cover the needed area. Another positive thing – it doesn’t dry too quickly, which gives you a reasonable amount of time to apply products the way you need it too.

Is it another new favorite? I really think it is.

The eye brow gel is very basic to my opinion. It claims to be a strong hold – to me it felt more of a regular fold. If I compare it to the Covergirl eyebrow gel (read full post here) it is very different and not as strong as it says it is . It does keep your eyebrow hair in place nicely throughout the day though. The brush is a bit thick and felt hard of the skin.

One thing that sticked out to me that I didn’t necessarily liked – there is not much product comes out on the brush. I had to redip it several times to pick a needed amount. Also ( don’t find it weird) I always smell all the cosmetic products being that skin care or color ones. This gel smells like alcohol if you bring it closer to your nose. I personally do not like that part, because of my eyebrows being microbladed and alcohols in the products can fade the pigment. I personally don’t think it is worth $16. There are better affordable product out there you can spend your money on. That’s that for you about this gel.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful if you were looking into picking up few new product or introduce yourself to a new brand. My verdict: if you are looking for a good quality creme lipsticks or blushes- these are worth the $$. I truly emjded the eye brow pomade as well and would definitely recommend trying it. There is a good range of colors available that will compliment any skin tone. The packaging is cute too if that matters to you.

What are the new brands/ products that you want to try this year ?

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4 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics // Blushes, Lips, Kybrows // Swatches+Review

  1. I think Kylie’s makeup line is alright in general. Overpriced – yes, but the quality is completely satisfying. Off the top of my head there are several powder products that don’t swatch well, but perform amazing – Physician’s Formula Butter bronzers (they swatch in a very powdery and almost invisible way) and Clinique Cheek Pop blush. I’d also add NYX Baked Blush in “Chiffon” – I almost can’t see the swatch, but it’s got the most beautiful shade ever!

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  2. I didn’t expect to like so many things out of this haul. But turned out ok I guess :)) the swatch situation was very strange to me. I can’t think of any blush in my collection that doesn’t swatch but then looks great on skin.

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  3. Great post! Love Kylie packaging – so simple yet elegant and cute. Btw, the majority of my favorite face products (powders) doesn’t swatch well either, while some swatch well, but then perform awful on the skin. With powders, you never know until you try

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