KKW Beauty //Classic Eyeshadow Palette // Lips // Swatches +Review

Hello my beauty lovers!

Last week I shared my review of Kylie Cosmetics and this week I continue on that note with another sister from the K clan – KKW Beauty. What I said about the celebrity brands in that post still applies here.

This was a mini KKW Beauty haul and all the products I purchased myself. Be sure all the opinions are my own and are honest.

I am new to this brand and haven’t really looked into any reviews. I was curious about the products – not going to lie, they packaging is very appealing to me and the variety of products is good. By checking the selection of the original website, some things really called my name and looked like I could get a good use out of them. The only thing that matters is the quality and I am putting them to the test.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you like this post review and find it helpful. You are welcome to share it with someone who you think may like it. I’d like you to stick around and subscribe before you leave. I appreciate and value your opinions. You may leave your comments down below.

The Classic Palette

KKW Beauty The Classic Palette Swatched

The palette is the one of two of Classic ones – there is also the Classic Blossom which is warmer toned and you can’t really mix them up.

I have to say that I really like the packaging even though it is very much a personal preference. I like minimalism in designs and this palatte says just that. It is very thin, light, nude tone cardboard material. It doesn’t have any specific closure except a light magnet. There is a full size mirror in this palette which I love.

The Eyeshadows

On the image above you can see the swatches and they are beautiful. All colors swatch well except one. The darkest brown color needed to be picked up few times to look like it does on the picture. It also applied on the eyes quite patchy.

There are 7 matte shades and 3 shimmers in this palette. The names for each color are printed on the back of the palette.

The matte eyeshadows are well pigmented. They are heavy pressed which means that there is barely any fall out (which is a plus) but then it takes a bit of a work to apply and build up the color on the eyes to the intensity that you need.

The shimmer shades are soft and creamy and apply easily with finger or a brush. All 3 are beautiful and complimenting colors to all the matte shades in the palette. You can amp up any day neutral look very quickly just by adding any shimmer shade.

You may watch the video of me using this palette on my IGTV or YouTube channels.

Is it worth it?

The palette retails for $45. I believe at the moment I am writing this post it is sold out on main website but now Ulta carries the brand in some stores and online.

The quality of the eyeshadows is not bad but also not my favorite formula. It takes time to build up the color ( I personally prefer softer formulas like ABH or UD). The palette at first looks like a neutrals lover’s dream due to the variety of neutral shades and undertones. Love that part! However, to my opinion, this is not a palette for a beginner because it takes a bit of a work to build up and blend the mattes. I had to switch between several blending and packing brushes to make it look effortless. To my liking, the daily neutral looks has to be easy, look effortless and BE effortless. The quality of this palette is NOT effortless. Save your $$.

The Lipsticks

The lipsticks that I picked up are The Peach line. To get you familiar, in case you are not: they are grouped into Reds, Pinks, Nudes, and Peach Creme Lipstick lines that the brand came up with.

I love the packaging – it is clear as you may see on the image below. Very simple design that puts the accent on the lip stick color itself. I can appreciate that.

I was impressed by the quality and colors. There are 4 Peach colors – Peach 1, Peach 2, Peach 3 and 4. I picked up 1-3. They are beautiful and so complimenting for my fair skin tone. There is no scent to them and the pigment is wonderful with a creamy, very comfortable formula.

They stay very well. I wore it throughout the day and it survived through the coffee break and snack. To me, that’s pretty impressive, not that many lipsticks can perform like that.

They all now sit in the front row on my vanity. I am very much interested to try the rest of the line – reds, pinks and nudes. Make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on IG that way you won’t miss those upcoming posts in the future.

The swatches bottom to top: The gloss in shade Peach. Peach 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I also purchased the matching pencils to the lipsticks. I didn’t include any swatches for the reason that they are exact same colors as the lipsticks. They are all beautiful and great quality – creamy, pigmented, apply and stay very well in lips. They are pretty reasonably priced and worth the money.

The gloss is very basic. It looks very nice and shimmery in the tube ( as you can see on the image by a swatch) it goes on lips just blah or meh, whatever you prefer. Is it a bit too sticky to my liking, not shimmery enough and doesn’t stay too long on lips. Save you $$.

The Powder Contour

The KimK beauty haul wouldn’t be complete without adding few contouring products. I decided not to go crazy and picked up just few things to try first and get familiar with the quality.

KKW Beauty The Powder Contour in shade 2
The Creme Contour stick in shade light
The Puff

The powder contour comes in the compact pressed form. There are 9 shades available in the brand website. I picked Contour 2 – mid tone beige shade and it matched me pretty well. It gives natural finish. There’s a mirror in this compact. Overall the same quality as the eyeshadow palette package.

As for the quality of the powder – it is very strongly pressed, which means there is minimum to no fall out, the color needs to be build up quite a bit. I went between several different complexion brushes to add color to my whole face. It is not ideal to my liking. I want my contour / bronzer formula to be easy and quick. This is not that type.

The Creme Contour Stick

Let’s talk about the contour stick. I left the worst for last. Hm..

I personally enjoy cream contour products and have a few in my collection. I chose the shade Ligtht for this one and it was a good match. I usually go for a cool undertone. I don’t even know how to put it into nice words but bottom line is this – the product is creamy and applies easily and effortlessly. Then it was the time to blend.. that’s where the trouble starts. I haven’t figured out one single way to make this product work. That’s that!

I tried blending it at first with my sponge which I normally do with the other cream contour products that I own – that literally made the color disappear! Mystery!

Then I tried the brush – it made it look like a patchy muddy spot on the side of my face. Yuk!

Then I used my fingers – that wasn’t the good way either.

Needless to say, this product didn’t make it to the video because it is kind of a mass and there was really nothing for me to show you.

If you used or own this product and know the good way to use /apply it, please DO SHARE!

The puff was just for fun. I thought it was cute 🙂

I hope you enjoy the post and review. Give it a thumb up if you did. You are more than welcome to leave your comments and thoughts on everything I said down below. I’d be glad to respond and chat on the beauty subjects.

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