Too Faced The Natural Nudes Makeup Eyeshadow Palette / Just another Neutral Palette?

Too Faced The Natural Nudes makeup eyeshadow palette

Hello my beauty lovers!

It’s been awhile since I sat down to share with you the goods and the bad of the beauty makeup products that I have been trying and testing.

Today’s blog post is fully dedicated to the one and only, the queen of Neutral eyeshadow palettes in my current makeup eyeshadow collection- The Natural Nudes by Too Faced Cosmetics.

As you may have already figured out from what I have just said earlier- I feel certain way about this palette and it may come off as pretty obvious. As always, I am going to share with you the dirty details about this neutral palette.

The Question IS – Is This Just Another Neutral Eyeshadow Palette or not? Well, this is what you are about to find out.

Before you get further into this blog post, feel free to check out YouTube videos that are already live on my channel where I spoke about this palette and you can even catch it in action on camera.

Too Faced The Natural Nudes eyeshadow palette swatches

I have had my eyes on this eyeshadow palette since the day it was launched. As a huge neutrals lover, that was a love at first sight for me. And I knew that the day will come and I will have this palette in my eyeshadow palette collection. And this day has come!

I have picked up this palette from the Ulta 21 Days of beauty event in the fall 2021. If you are not familiar with what the event empties- as in the word itself – it is the Beauty event that goes on for 21 days aka three weeks at UltaBeauty stores as well as their home website. Each day there are selected products that are chosen to be presented for half off. It is for that day and that day only. There is a good variety of products that one can choose from-from makeup, to skincare, to beauty tools and accessories. It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME of the YEAR! *I know, I know, so dramatic and unnecessary.

Anyhow, long story short, that’s how I happens to pick up this beautiful eyeshadow palette from Too Faced at this last Ulta Beauty 21 days of Beauty event that just recently passed in September 2021.

Let’s finally get to business, shall we? This is the reason you stopped by here after all.

First things first- the packaging. The eyeshadow palette is packaged in the what seems to be cardboard outer packaging and the component that holds the eyeshadow pans themselves is made out of plastic. The palette has a full size mirror. The very outer packaging, aka the outer box, resembles identical design as the eyeshadow palette itself. There is no particular closure, however, the lid feels magnetic and closes pretty firmly.

As far as a color story , well, you say -“We’ve seen it before many and many times again from different brands”. Yes, and you may be very much correct about that.

Let me respond to this as a neutral lover I am. When I look at this palette I see the pretty classic – even expected, in a way – packaging. I love when eyeshadow palettes have mirrors inside them, that is always a plus in my eyes. I wear makeup every day and most of the time it is some type of neutral look. By neutral one can see many different shades and tones, not necessarily browns and beiges. But in this specific palette – it is, as a matter of fact – there are browns and beiges. And as a true neutrals lover – I Love browns and beiges.

As a person who choses to use neutral makeup looks on a daily basis, let me assure you, that even I do not want to wear the absolute same identical look every day. I do still want some variety in the tones and shades and, let’s not forget – textures.

The Natural Nudes palette offers you all that I mentioned above. There you have true neutrals, warm and cooler undertones shades that will exactly give you the variety that I was speaking about. The variety that will give yo enough options to go from day wearable looks that you woudl be able to turn into the night glam look in 3-2-1. Easy Peazy!

My final verdict my friends is that this palette is far from boring! It is a wonderful easy to work formula. The palette gives you variety of undertones and depth of shades for you to be able to create array of neutral makeup looks of your choice.

I have spoken about this palette in several videos on my YouTube channel. If you are not yet subscribed to my channel, you are more than welcome to stop by and say hello. There is a lot of fun relatable and trendy content happening there.

If you like tyo watch this Too Faced The Neutral Nudes Eyeshadow Palette in action, check out this video below.


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