Keto Coffee Recipe

Happy New 2020, Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good celebration of the Holiday season with the friends and family! After all the indulgence in the delicious food and desserts , we all are going back on a diet, right?

I implemented Keto diet last year ( that sounds like a lot, but it actually has been about 4 months). So, I will be going back to that with some minor modifications from the original plan.

Today I wanted to share a quick recipe of the MOST ESSENTIAL part of Keto diet or any diet I am ever on (if you ask me) – coffee. That was my first interest when I implemented Keto diet into my life – how much coffee can I still drink?

Bad news – Coffee has carbs ( another bad news- instant coffee has a lot of carbs,, so you probably will want to stay away from that type), Good news – fresh gourd coffee has an acceptable amount of carbs that you can easily have 2-3 cups of coffee a day if you want to (that person is me actually ).

Today I wanted to share a very easy recipe of Keto version coffee that will be a staple in your diet day to day if you are going on Keto.

What you will need:

Fresh ground coffee ( whichever way you make it ) 10 oz.

Stevia sweetener (or any other sugar sub you prefer) 1 -2 packets

Almond milk 4 oz. ( you may also use something healthy her instead like Half and half )

MCT oil 1 tbsp.

Optional: Whip cream low in carb 1-2 tbsp.

All the ingredients are easily accessible from your local Grocery store. No specific brand mentioned and necessary. MCT oil is the ingredient that makes the coffee a Keto version. It is also can be added to your shakes or whatever else is in your personal Keto diet menu. The oil is flavor free, you won’t have to worry about an unpleasant oily smell or taste.

This recipe is pretty much basis canvas that you can add to or subtract/ substitute from as you see fit.

I know it is out of season, nevertheless this is on of my favorites – PSL

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What kind of coffee recipe is your favorite? Calling all coffee lovers – Share in the comments below your favorite coffee kind/ flavor/ recipe.

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Disclaimer: Please consult a nutritionist or your family doctor before implementing any major diet changes. All opinions are my own and go on individual health approach basis under supervision of a medical professional.

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