How To: Keep Your Skin From Drying Out In Winter Season

Now that we are stepping into winter season and the temperature is less than desirable for most of us, there is another concerns that many of us start experiencing when it comes to the skin care – the skin starts feeling drier.

Dry skin not only doesn’t feel good, but also not very beneficial to overall health of your skin because the dryer the skin the more it is prone do develop signs of aging and irritation. And who exactly wants that? That’s right – NOBODY.

I have a combination oily skin type for most part of the year except winter. Once the cold temperatures drop, I tend to reach for the skin savers that have worked for me for the past several years. The steps that I am going to mention below can be easily modified to your own skin type and skin needs.

The formula here is very simple.


Let’s take a look at each part.

Gentle Cleanse is recommended at any given time especially in winter when it is cold. The skin is already reacting to the temperature and doesn’t need anything extra to dry it out. Look into simple gentle cleansers like this one. The cleanser that will not strip the natural skin protective layer. Gel or creamy formulas work well.

My other long time favorite gentle face wash is linked here.

I personally have been practicing Two- step cleansing routine which also works very well. (This specific blog post will be on soon. Be subscribed to be notified when it is posted).

Sheet masks. This type of product is not new. Every person knows what it is and you may already use it in your beauty routine. In the very cold season, I reach for the sheet masks about 2-3 times a weeks. Here are some of my favorites. It helps my skin to get replenished with moisture at each use and stay hydrated during the cold days.

Facial Oils. This category of products has been around for awhile and became quite trendy among beauty gurus and professionals few years ago. There are varieties of facial oil available, some even come with added skincare ingredients which is also a plus. I like to use face oil as the last product in my night skincare routine. It helps my skin to get moisturized over night and helps to keep its balance during the day. I have few favorites: L’oreal Facial Oil and Biossance Face Oil (read the full post here).

Lip balm. Lip skin is very gentle and needs protection all year round, especially in winter. I personally am a fanatic of lip products being that color products or lip care products. My collection is quite large. I am always on a search to try new lip care product. Over the years I have tried and tested probably most drugstore and a good amount of higher end lip care products. I have quite few that I Love and repurchase from year to year, as well as I continue trying new products that come out on the today’s market. Few of my current favorties Mario Badescu Lip balm, Bite Beauty Lip balm.

Lip sleeping mask. This type of product became very popular recently and there are some interesting and effective products out there. However, it is very optional if you want to invest into someting like that because due to the popularity these masks tend to be more costly. Laneige sleeping mask is one of the choices. They do the work to make your lips moisturized and smooth. Keep yours on your nightstand that way you won’t forget to apply it before going to bed.

Body Oils. This category of product, to my opinion, is a very personal choice. I love to apply body oils after the shower all over my body because my skin gets extra dry and flaky in winter. This is something that works for me very well. The best time to apply body oils is after the shower when your skin is still slightly damp, and the pores are open. This way the skin is more receptive to absorb all the moisture and keep it in, rather than let it sit on top. I have few personal favorites. Neutrogena Fragrance Free Lightweight Body Oil and Dr. Teals Lavender Oil. The first one is fragrance free and is a lighter version. I like using it during the week after the shower as my everyday oil. The Dr. Teals’ one I love to use for my Home Spa Days or the days when I have difficult time falling asleep. Lavender scent is very soothing and helps with insomnia and relaxation.

Hand cream/hand oil/cuticle oil. Let’s not forget about the skin around our nails and hands. Often times our hands are exposed to cold temperature and the skin gets dry and flaky. That feeling may get very uncomfortable and who wants dry hands anyway ? My hands get very dry and skin around the nails too. I am that person who has hand lotions/ creams literally everywhere: all purses, car, nightstands, bathroom, work drawer, you name it. That being said, I have tried many different hand products and have few favorites. I say this all the time, and repeat once more time here, I prefer fragrance free products. This moisturizer is perfect for body and hands. It comes in several different sizes that it very convenient to use at home or take it with you on-the -go. It has the thicker consistency however, absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue. It is pretty basic moisturizer but that is all you really need. It Is also very affordable product no matter what size you choose.

The next few products are very much optional. I like using them because again, my hands get very dry. They are Cuticle oil pens and hand oils.

Cuticle oil pens are very easy to use- they come with a brush tip and all you need to do is squeeze a small amount and paint it around your nails. I have been using this products for many years and usually order them in a bulk and place them next to my hand lotions, aka EVERYWHERE. Cuticle oil may come in various packaging. You choose whatever most fits your lifestyle. This is the type of products that is once you try it , you will be hooked. Let me know if you already use something like this, or interested to try.

As for the oil that I currently like to use on my hands – this wonderful oil that is full of natural ingredients and is a clean beauty product. It is a multi-purpose oil that can help with ingrown hair and safe for pores ( if you choose to use it on face or private area. ). Get to know the brand here. I use it twice a day – in the morning before I leave home ( after I applied hand lotion), and in the evening right before bed. It helps to make my hands very soft and moisturized. It is very light formula that absorbs quickly and won’t leave greasy stains on your clothes.

The formula above does say ” minimal exfoliation”. That is correct. Minimal is the main word but also let’s add Gentle. I’ll explain why. Let’s go back for a second and remember that we are talking about winter skin that is drier than usual and often feels flaky and dehydrated. In that state the skin is very fragile. If one uses harsh exfoliation on top of that, that can cause micro tears on skin and add to irritation and even more dryness. I hope now this whole post starts making sense to you and the whole information and products that I have shared start coming together.

If you are a daily makeup user like me, you would feel the need to exfoliate the skin at least once a week. And that is perfectly fine. This product is very gentle and safe to use even when your skin feels dryer than usual. You’ll need the tiniest bit of it to use on the whole entire face. I like to use mine in the shower when the skin is soft and pores are open.

What is your favorite skin care winter products? Which ones that I mentioned do you already use and love?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful. Give it a thumb up if you did and share it to someone who you think might like it. Don’t forget to subscribe so you will get notified next time I post.

Disclaimer: This post included some affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through any of them, I might get a small commission. You are not in any way obligated to do so. I would appreciate your support if you do.

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