December 2019 Favorites// Makeup Edition//Loves and Misses

It is that time again when I share more of my makeup favorites. Some I loved and got a good use out of, and some completely misses the mark. You know how it goes. Without further talking, let’s dive in.


Huda Beauty Nude Lights palette

This palette was the first one I ever tried from Huda Beauty brand. It is a beautiful palette and it didn’t disappoint. Read full post here.

Seriously, How beautiful Is this palette?

Kylie Cosmetics Creme Lipstick

Let’s just leave the whole Kardashian clan conversation out of this and just simply talk about the creme lipsticks. This formula is one of my favorites out of all the creme lipsticks in my collection. I use and love it as much as my Marc Jacobs lipsticks and those are some big shoes to fill. The colors are very pigmented. One swipe application will give you a beautiful full coverage. There is a nice wide color range that many skin tones can benefit from. The lipsticks are very long lasting. Mine stayed fully on through coffee breaks, and that’s a lot. Not many lipstick can claim that.

L.A Girl Brow Pomade

There was a time that ABH brow pomade was the only solid item that you could rely on. Not any more. If you follow me long enough, you know my committed relationship with my eyebrows. I may have tried almost every single drugstore eye brow product type that exists- from powder, pencils, ink pens, gels, pomade, you name it. Yes, the ABH pomade is still a staple and I always have it on hand ready to go. This L.A Girl Brow Pomade might be the new replacement. It has been my new go-to. The shade matched me perfectly ( I tend to use cool blonde, or soft browns tones). The consistency is medium thickness and is very easy to apply with a brush. It stays the whole day without smudging and that’s all the girl ever wants from an eyebrow product. If you have been looking for a new eyebrow product, give this a try. This may be it for you.

Juvia’s Place I AM Magic Concealer.

This is your big daddy, heavy duty concealer. It is no joke the most full coverage concealer I’ve tried so far. Forget shape tape or 16hr camouflage by E.L.F (those are still my top favorite choices).I originally got it in the light shade to highlight the undereye area, then after trying it one time I realized it was too heavy for that area. I went back and got the shade that matches my skin tone for spot concealing. I love this concealer! If I ever need to make my skin looking seriously flawless, this is the one I’d use. The range of colors is very wide, you can choose any for your liking.

Too Faced HangoveRx Replanishing Face Primer

This product is 3 in 1 primer. The formula is very gentle on skin, goes on almost like milky light cream. At the same time gives your skin a nice smooth look, making the pores less visible. Who doesn’t want that? Also, one this that is personally important to me – it is fragrance free, it won’t irritate you skin ( unless there are other ingredients that you may be allergic to). This is perfect even for my combination skin for dryer colder seasons. It comes in several different sizes, even the travel ones.


Makeup Revolution Bake and Blot Pressed Powder.

I don’t like talking about the things that are no so good. But I feel like it is important to share because why to let others waste their money on something that doesn’t really work so well. Because I feel like it was a waste for me. Even though I have many different products that I love from this brand, this powder was a bit of a disappointment. I picked up the white shade for highlighting and setting the under eye area. I do not typically bake , I usually like to use the brighter powders to set the concealer and T zone overall. This powder is very drying for me. It literally cakes up under the eyes and on the chin looking very unnatural and over all bad. So it It is a no-go for me.

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Anti-Polution Foundation.

Ugh, this foundation I believe was launched this year and has been talked about left and right by everyone. So I needed to find out for myself what the hype was about. Well, oh well. It doesn’t work on my skin for whatever reason. The color range is very small, I couldn’t match the correct tone to my skin. I opted out for fair with pink undertone instead and would make it work somehow with other base products to match my skin tone. At the end, that sort of worked. The bigger issue that I had is that it’d sin into my pores within a little to no time making my skin look very patchy. I even tried it with different primers, that failed too – I got the same results.

Milani Stay Put Brow Color

This product has very good reviews in most sources where it is sold and the brand is very much trusted ( in my corner at least). I have use lots of Milani products in my life and most of them were working well for me. I was kind of excited to try this brow pomade, I really thought it was going to be a quality one. The range of color is pretty good – there are 5 available on Ulta site. I went to the store to pick the shades because it has been awhile since I used brow products from this brand. The Taupe color seemed too grey for me, so I went with Soft brown, The color overall turned out to be a bit too orange brown for me, but with all my brow application experience over the years I could still make it work using it together with some other products.

This pomade comes with its own double sided brush in the set. I found the brush being useless – its too thin and not flexible. It wouldn’t pick up enough product and then it was very difficult to apply on an actual brow. I ended up switching to my the brush that I always use. The pomade itself is very slippery and woudn’t stay neither on skin nor on brow hair, instead it slipped and slid all over the place. It was a miss for me right off the bet. The whole point of any brow products is to be filling and be, at least, somewhat easy to apply. This product didn’t do either of those. No-go for me.

I hope you liked the post and found this helpful if you are in a search of some new products. Give it a thumb up if you did and share it with someone who you think might like it. Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave so you can be notified of the future uploads.

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Disclaimer: All the products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.

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