Huda Beauty Nude Light Eyeshadow Palette // Review+ Swatches

I finally got my hands on Huda Beauty brand that has been around for some time and already has become a favorite of many. The NUDE Obsessions collection just recently launched and includes 3 different tone variations: light, medium and deep. The idea behind creating this launch was to have selected shades in each palette that are complimentary to different skin tones. I have been having my eyes on the Huda Light palette since my skin is fair. However, I heard that the tones from all 3 palettes are very complimentary to all skin tones. Some compared it to colorful Huda Obsessions palettes and said the formula is different but in a good way. I will get to this subject a little bit later and will share my full Huda collection with you ( Subscribe to my blog to be notified when that post will come on, which will be pretty soon).

I have decided to start with one palette from the Nude Obsessions line. I was initially quite sceptic about some colors. Even though they all look pretty neutral, there are few violet/pink shades that I thought were out of my comfort zone, because I am all about true neutrals. At the end I am glad this palette didn’t disappoint me.

The Packaging

The brand definitely took their time to create a design that was centered on details. The leather- like lid design of the palette feels very luxurious. The rose gold hardware details are very complimentary to the eyeshadow shades. If you like to display your makeup, this palette will certainly look beautiful of top of your vanity. There is a full size mirror in this palette and the closure feels very sturdy. This palette has no names to shades. It is very compact (fits literally inside of my palm).

Color Selection

There are 5 matte shades and 4 shimmer ones. 3 of the matte colors are very primary basics ( complimentary to light/ fair skin tones) that are there to create and pull together any look that is possible in this palette. All the mattes blend very easily, that’s all that really needs to be said here. This is probably one of the best matte eyeshadow formulas I’ve ever tried, but so I have also heard before from few different sources. Now that I have tried it for myself, I can surely agree with that.

The shimmer shades are very beautiful and I find that applying them with your finger is the best way. They go on pigmented and exactly reflect the color that you see in the palette. There is a small amount of fall out, so I would recommend doing the eyes first then the rest of the face.

The Swatches

Just realized I haven’t swatched the brown shade for some reason. I must have gotten carried away with the fun colors ( you may see it in use in the application tutorial that’s linked below). It blends easily like the rest of the mattes in the palette.

Check out this Jumprope: Huda NUDE Light Palette Tutorial

SIDE NOTE: the shade kick back is visible only at the initial pick up of the color from the pan with a brush, once you start blending it on the eye, I haven’t experienced any fall out, which makes it very easy to apply and takes no time to create a full look.

Is it worth it ?

I have to say the quality of all the shades is very consistent throughout the whole entire palette which is always a big plus, specially for smaller palettes.

The palettes retail for $29 on Sephora and Huda websites and, to my opinion, it is a good value since you not only paying for the brand name, beautiful lux packaging but what’s most important-the quality product.

What do you think of the this collection launch ? Do you have your eyes on any of them ?