Huda Beauty Obsessions Ruby Palette//Swatches + Looks //Review

Can you believe it’s Christmas? I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with your families and friends. Christmas is my second favorite holiday after Thanksgiving even though it gets very hectic with all the preparation and gift buying. All my best wishes goes out to you today.

Let’s talk some makeup, shall we? I recently got my hands on this beautiful Huda Ruby palette and wanted to show it off to you guys. This is not a new collection. It was launched awhile back. When I look at it It very much associates with Christmas to me.

What’s in it for you ?

The Obsessions palettes are 9 – pan palette as you may have already noticed or known before. In this palette you get 4 matte shades ranging from very light to dark, all kind of in the same warm undertones, which lets you create dimension and a full eye looks. All the mattes blend beautifully and are buildable. They apply with brushes very well.

There are 5 shimmer / glittery shades here that lets you finish any look you want in no time just using your finger. I found that being the easiest and most effective way to apply them.

The Packaging

First off, Can we just all agree that the exterior of the packing is absolutely beautiful? I hope you agree and we can still be friends. The size is very compact and fits just about inside of the palm of my hand. There is a full size mirror that always comes in handy where you need to do your makeup. The lid is magnetic and you won’t need to worry about it opening inside of your makeup bag. I tried to open it with my one hand and I couldn’t, I had to use both.

The Swatches

Let’s take a look at these beautiful colors.

Most of the colors in this palette are pretty straight forward, what you see is what you get on the lids. Two bottom colors ( in the swatches picture) are very interesting to me. I haven’t had a chance to play with them enough to figure them out, which way they perform the best. The Dark color almost comes off as black base with purple/ raspberry glitter in it. It is very pretty on the swatch, and I think it will make a beautiful eyeliner color or a very dramatic smoky eye. The very bottom color looks like it’s the most red color of the whole entire palette. It is a soft shimmer shade ( unfortunately you can’t see very well in this picture).

The Looks

In the first look I used 4 matted shades to create the depth and dimension of colors and the added shimmer to the inner portion of an upper lid. Finished with a liquid eyeliner and lashes. I always feel like the more dramatic shimmer eye looks ask for beautiful long lashes. You can watch the full video on my IGTV.

For the second look I thought I would use the all matte shads for a more wearable day eyes.

Final Thoughts

I am kind of new to Huda Beauty brand and this is the second palette I have tried after the Obsessions Nude Light palette. Read a full post here. I am not going to lie if I say I was a bit intimidated with the red tones at first. Looking at it right now and after having played with the colors a bit, I have to say I am glad I got it. It Is very versatile warm tone palette ( from day to night possibilities).

Even though it is called Ruby and the first thing you’d think is Red color, and it kind of looks all red. Once you start mixing colors, it has more of pinkish berry tones to everything

As of for the value for the price – I think It is definitely worth its $29. If you like to wear some color or warm tones and like to switch your makeup over the seasons, I think you will love this palette.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Do you already own this or any palettes with similar colors?

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