Monthly Beauty Favorites / March + April 2021

Hello my beauty lovers!

I missed my little space on the internet here 🙂 The month of March 2021 happen to be very hectic and full of events that couldn’t be postponed for later dates. Hence, I had to take some time off from blogging. But I am back today and have some fun products Round-up for you for both March and April. April passed by super quick too. So, it made complete sense to talk about many products that I got the chance to test and love.

As per the trend from my previous posts, the full video of the Monthly Beauty Faves & Fails is linked for you below to watch. I had a very pleasant response from my readers/ viewers/ subscribers to half read and watch about what I have to say 🙂 Hence, we continue the trend.

At the end of 2020 I did a full inventory of my beauty room and made decision to do A No-Buy- January and see how that goes. It was great! It wasn’t easy but it was good. I got to reorganize my beauty products and even started the bin with Project Pan – to work on the products that needed to be used first. Not that I doubted that that arrangement wouldn’t work but I partially thought that I would still reach for the newer products regardless of the Project Pan bin sitting there in front of my face. However, Project Pan strategy worked wonders -it’s not only that I managed to use up bunch of different products but also gave the realization how much of each product of each category I own and their shelf life, also how much I DO NOT need to buy till end of year if not longer :))

However, in February I did purchase few products most of which were either repurchased items that I already love and like to continue using or completely brand new products that I liked to test myself and also review for you.

Later on in March, Ulta had its 21 Days of Beauty event where I shopped a good amount and Sephora followed up with their own Spring Savings Event that I also took advantage of. So, yes, I did pick up quite few things. Most of those items are new and some are repurchases. As you may know, Sephora doesn’t really have any other promos / discounts throughout the year rather than their Savings Event that takes place twice a year.

I think I pretty much gave you an update on most of the things that I have been doing in the past few months. So, keep an eye on the new product reviews and ton of other newness and fun content on my YouTube channel- make sure you are subscribed so you won’t miss my new videos.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful.

From Eve with Love!


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