Full Face of One Brand Makeup //Milani Cosmetics

Hello my beauty lovers!

Today is actually one of my favorite types of posts where I have sat down to play with the makeup products from one of my favorite drugstore brands that I have been using and loving for many years.

As you may have already figured out from the title above what that brand is, we can skip the very long intro and jump right into it.

Below of this post, there is the Full Youtube video that I have filmed for my channel and you may choose to click on the link to watch all the products that I have been loving this way. In this video I am showing and demonstrating the application of every single products that is mentioned in the video. I

As a beauty and makeup lover, I have started using makeup at the age of around 19. Of course, at that age it was quite minimal and with zero to very minimal knowledge of makeup and skills (due to non existence of social media, YouTube,IG, Tiktok, etc). I applied my makeup to my best knowledge and my best ability.

How much things have change since then!

I remember having my first bright pink lipstick that I used to go out places which was as a matter of fact by Milani.

Ok, enough of sappy things, this is not a personal history class after all.

What I actually wanted to tell you is that Milani is one of the affordable brands for me that actually keeps evolving and bringing new products that are not only innovative and interesting, but also trendy and with a good selection on shades ranges. Having the brand that thinks about inclusivity is important.

I personally find Milani’s products fit my skin type as well. I have a combination oily skin and I have been loving not only the quality overall but also the fact that they make products with different skin types as well in mind.

In my YouTube video I am using some of my already loved Milani products as well as some very much new ones that just recently launched.

I hope you enjoy the video and this post. Feel free to stay for awhile and explore the pages of my blog and don’t forget to subscribe tp my channel before you leave that way you won’t miss any of my future blog posts and videos.

From Eve with love

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