Juvia’s Place The Nubian 3 Coral Eyeshadow Palette // Review

Hello my beauty lovers!

Today we continue with series like I mentioned in my previous post. Today we are discussing the next palette that it’s made by the same brand – Juvia’s Place that I recently have done mini shopping haul. As of today, I’ve had a good amount of time to play around with it and test all the eyeshadows in the palette. And I have some thoughts.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

What’s in it for you?

The palette has an absolute gorgeous design with orange color being the dominant overall cover and the golden holographic semi- spheres on the outer and inner portions of the lid. I really love how the main color continues throughout the entire palette and goes nicely with the color story of the entire palette.

This palette definitely looks thought-out item and very intentionally designed. I love. The palette has more of neutral color story with a surprise element of few greys. There has been a trend of 90s throughout this entire year of 2020 in fashion as well as in makeup industry. This palette includes the silver greys and several different textures to play with. I will be honest with you and say that first time I saw this palette online – it didn’t impress me and I thought even it look a bit boring. BUT, when I got it in my hands in person, I stand to a completely opposite opinion. This palette is absolutely beauty and perfection when it comes to quality and variety of looks which we will be talking about later on in the post.

photo by Decembereve.com


Even thought these swatches were official swatches made with stencils, I can easily and surely say that the quality of this entire palette, of each eyeshadow is very pigmented, easy to blend and build up. The matte shades are opaque and the shimmers are, well, shimmery. I love that there is a verity of colors in this palette – from warm neutrals to a touch of greys. This palette can easily be worn year round. I can see a summer look in this palette and spring with its warm coral tones, fall – with the browns and golds, and finally the silvery winter looks. I can’t say the same things for a lot of the palettes that are in my collection. As ” boring” as thing palette may appear at first glance, it is definitely the palette that gives you variety and versatility. I also see that the color depth and selection of this palette would work for many skin tones. That’s a huge plus.

The swatches

The Packaging

The packaging of the palette is very straightforward – it is fully made out of cardboard, and there is no mirror included. The design of the entire palette is absolutely stunning. Also reflecting the theme of the palett which is the main color – coral.

The holographic elements of the design of the packaging gives lux and glam a look.

Is it worth it?

This is by far the palette that surprised me the most this year. Initially when I saw this pallet on the website I thought it was pretty boring. Until I received it it had it in my hands. You definitely need to be a more neutral tone lover to have full appreciation for this palette. It definitely is more toned down color selection, however, it does have absolutely gorgeous shimmer shades, and a pop of color – coral, to be exact. The rest of the colors are very complementing to the coral tones. Besides the pop of color which is in the center of attention of this palette, hence the name, there is one more surprised a.k.a. the gray shades and shimmers. I haven’t played with gray or silver shades in the very very very long time. And it was a nice throwback to the 90s or early 2000s when I thought gray tones were the ones that I should be using for my blue eyes.

To my opinion, this is a very much versatile palette that gives you neutrals, pop of color, also cooler greys that can easily be worn for a glam night out.

The Look

The quality of this palette impressed me for sure. I have tested and tried every single shade in this palette. I am including only one look here that I thought was the most unexpected. For the entire eye look I used only 2 shades of grey that are in this palette – matte grey and shimmer grey. One very important thing that I wanted to mention is that the matte shades are very blendable and buildable. That being said, I used the same matte grey eyeshadow color to place and blend at my crease up to brow bone , then used the same shade to place in the crease directly yo intensity and build up the color and more depth. The shimmer shade was applied with my finger add retouched with a brush to make sure everything was blended together.

I also wanted to mention that non of the shimmer shades are really toppers. They are full pigmented shimmers, in comparison to this palette.

Very monochromatic eye look using Juvia’s Place The Nubian 3 Coral Eyeshadow Palette

You may already know by now my full final thoughts – I definitely recommend this palette to any person of any really. This palette has all your basics covered at a great price.

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From Eve with love

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