January 2020 Favorites// Makeup Edition

Hello my beauty lovers!

This is the second part of the Monthly Favorites for the month of January ( the first one went out earlier this week. Read here).

I have tried good amount of new beauty products and quite few of them turned out to be gems. It’d be a shame not to share. Th en, there were some not so new products that I reached out for daily that are too good not to mention.

I have an oily / combination skin type and my review of each product is based on how well it works for me. If you have same or similar skin type, this post will be helpful to you.

As much as make up is fun to play with , a lot of products are still costly and if you get few, you can think of it as an investment. Thanks for beauty community where we can all share our thoughts and experiences and help each other not buy crap!

Let’s see what I loved using this month.

ULTA Matte Face Primer. This is the primer that is matte and pore blurring. Yet, for being the matte formula, it doesn’t dry out/ dehydrate the skin. My make up stays put so well throughout the day. The nice bonus – you can get it in travel size to test first.

Clinique Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15. This foundation is a rediscovered product for me this month. In general, I am a bug fan of Clinique base products and this one is pretty amazing in the way that it is the type that make your makeup looks like second skin. It is very light formula, moisturizing, a little goes a long way and it is just beautiful on skin.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster. This is the product that I have repurchased countless times and its formula is very similar to the famous Butter bronzer only with the added shimmer particles. ( Read full post here). The formula is very soft and applies in a very silky way on skin with just few motions giving the skin beautiful healthy glow. The package also has a full size mirror.

CoulorPop Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette. Such a beautiful easy -to- use neutral palette that still gives you so many different options to create very wearable daily looks that can easily be turned into nights ones. Read full post here.

The next 2 products fall in the same category. They pretty much do the same job but yet they are different and I will explain why. They are both bronzers and are even made by the same brand. One is a matte bronzer the second one is luminous. While you may use either one on their own if that fits your liking, you may also choose to do what I do – first apply the matte one then layer the luminous one on top and get that beaitiful bronzing glow to the skin. Besides that these both bronzers have a very good quality – minimum fallout, no bad scent, blend easily and beautifully – they are also under $5 !!! Say no more :).

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder.

Essence Luminous Bronzing Powder.

OFRA The Flurries Lip Gloss Set. This was the first product for me from this brand. This formula is amazing! I heard many good reviews about the glosses. Now I can see for myself why. I definitely recommend you try them at some point. Not greasy, not sticky, apply like a dream! All the shades in this set are very beautiful and can be worn on their own or as lip toppers. The colors are very glossy and semi- transparent.

e.l.f Cosmetics Cream Blush Palette. I was always sceptic to use cream blushes on my oily skin. This product proved me wrong. This blush quad has a thicker formula which is very easy to apply with a brush or your fingers. It is very pigmented and you’ll need a small amount to get enough color for your cheeks. I also love that you can mix colors together and adjust the color that you want on your cheeks. This quad has 2 color tone variations suitable for lighter and deeper skin tones.

Last but not least, this product I kind of consider a part of makeup routine and not skincare because it is a color product. This is the best product I have found so far that is super easy to use and the color doesn’t make your skin look unnatural.

Each towelette is packaged in a separate envelope and is very travel friendly. There is no standing around butt naked waiting for the product to dry. Haha, I am sure you’ve been there and done that:) There is no drying time with this one, it pretty much absorbs instantly and develops in about and hour or so.

Tan Towel Self- Tan Towelettes. There is a variety of fair to medium to dark, and you can choose between full body or half body backs. Because who are you kidding, this may be a secret that you man might not need to know but if you use self tan products you know you can only do half body application. It’s No- Secret zone here 🙂

From Eve with Love

I hope you like reading this post and if you did give it a thumb up and share it with someone who you think may like it. I hope you stay for awhile and make sure to subscribe before you leave.

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