Truly Madly Deeply // ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my beauty lovers!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day that’s right around the corner, ColourPop dropped this beautiful palette that looks like it could be a perfect fit for creating romantic makeup looks for your perfect date.

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Now let’s take a look at this beauty

What’s in it for you ?

This 16 pan palette gives out romantic Valentine’s Day vibes. The color story is so girly and sweet. There are 6 matte shades, 5 shimmers, 2 mattes with shimmer and 3 glitter shades.

The pink packaging is super adorable. Even though there are 16 eyeshadow pans, the palette is very light and quite thin which makes it very travel friendly.

The Swatches

Like other ColouPop eyeshadow palettes that I have tried, this palette has quality consistency throughout. The mattes feel creamy and apply very easily. They are richly pigmented and build up effortlessly. This palette retails $23 on both Ulta and Colourpop websites.

The Glitter

These glitter shades are something else

First off, can we appreciate how gorgeous these glitter shades are…

They are very creamy and go on smoothly. I used them without any additional glitter adhesive and it stayed quite well. There is a minimal fall out upon application. For a special occasion I’d still use something to hold it in place.

One thing I need to mention before I go on – there is a statement on the packaging that the glitter shades are NOT TO BE USED on the eye area. It is very important to pay attention to that.

This makes little sense for these shades even being in the palette at all since it is an eyeshadow palette. Nevertheless, it is clearly stated and it is up to you if you like to follow the directions or not.

I DID try it on my eyes and it looked absolutely gorgeous. BUT you need to make your own conscious decision if this is something you want to do to YOUR eyes.

I didn’t get any bad reaction after application, also wanted to mention that glitter does get everywhere when you try to remove it. I’d suggest to use makeup removers (possibly solutions that are oil based – I found it very effective for glitter to come off in the least messiest way). Follow these steps 1 – Soak a cotton ball in the makeup remover solution; 2- place is on the area where glitter is applied; 3 – let it sit for few seconds to get into the glitter and start dissolving it; 4- gently remove the cotton with light wiping or picking up motion to remove the glitter. You may need to use several cotton balls to remove the product completely.

Is it worth it?

This palette is absolutely gorgeous! From the packaging to the color selection. I already talked about quality and versatility of this palette higher in the post. If you like the romantic girly looks for a day wear or special occasions, you will love this palette. Go from matte blended pastels to soft pink and plum glam. This palette definitely gives you a good variety of options where ever your imagination may take you.

colors used for the look

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9 thoughts on “Truly Madly Deeply // ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I agree with you. And I think most palettes have the statement on them. At least, Colorpop does. Also to me, makes no sense to include pressed glitters and say they are not to be used on eyes. But well. I feel like people should be responsible and get to know the directions of every product they use.


  2. There’s lots of eyeshadow palettes that have warnings that shades are not for use in immediate eye area. It is often the case for highly pigmented shades as well and shades with red dyes in them because it can stain your skin. It is the law that this has to be stated on the packaging (even if it seems to make no sense that the shade an eyeshadow palette in the first place if that is the case).

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