Double Entendre Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette // ColourPop //Swatches + Review

Hello my beauty lovers!

From the title you already know that I will be chatting about the ColourPop Double Entendre Pressed Powder eyeshadow palette. It is another neutral palette, I know. Neutrals lovers unite!

I can never have enough neutral eyeshadow palettes. I have tried ColourPop eye shadow formula and I think it is pretty good, specially for the price tag. Let’s see how far this palette can go.

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Now, let’s take a look at the palette!

What’s in it for you?

The palette was launched awhile back ( about 2 years ago). I just got to pick it up in my local Ulta store. The palette looks pretty basic, but these are the colors that I reach for a lot on a daily basis and I have the feeling this palette may become my new go-to.

This is a 12 -pan shadow palette with 7 matte shades, one matte with shimmer (Hot Bod), and 4 shimmer shades.

There is no mirror in this palette like in most, if not all, ColourPop products. May be 2 years ago it was ok not to include extras in products, these days the beauty industry spoils us with convenience. CoulorPop, however, is known for its quality and affordability. That being said, I am not mad that there is no mirror, because this palette is also only $16.

The shade names are printed right next to the shade pans and also in the back of the palette.

The palette is very neutral but you get a variety of undertones that you still can create looks that are different. Don’t forget about those beautiful shimmer shades that will add a pop to any basic/ neutral look.

Talking about versatility and day to night options here 😉

The Swatches

Let’s all agree that swatches are not looking all that impressive. Shimmer shades swatched beautifully. The mattes were a bit dryer to touch. As you can see on the picture, the darkest brown shade looks pretty patchy.

If you take a closer look at the palette, you see that you get an all-over-the -lid color, transition shades, few medium colors to create more vibrancy to eye looks and the darker Shades to add a bit of drama (like smoky eye look) or accent (eyeliner) to the eyes.

The Looks

I played around with this palette throughout the week and tested all the colors, before I’d give you my honest review on the quality of this product.

Here is an interesting fact. Remember how I mentioned that the matte shades were a bit dry when I tried to swatched them? Now, the catch is that they all blend very nicely and easily buildable. All shades are pigmented with minimum to no fallout. They all wore very well throughout the day without fading or creasing ( I also didn’t use any special eye primers).

I tested the dark shades as an eyeliner priming it with Fix+ and it worked without much effort.

Is it worth it ?

Two years ago this palette probably didn’t have so much competition like it does today. It is still affordable product and a good quality very neutral palette. I personally enjoy it. There are quite few neutral palettes in my collection and I love all of them. I like to switch them weakly and get a good use from all of them.

If you are just starting with makeup, it might be a good palette to play with. The formula is comfortable and easy to work with even for a beginner. On a opposite side, if your collection is larger, you may probably want to skip on this one since you may find some of these colors and tones in other neural palettes.

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