June 2020 Favorites // Skincare

Hello my beauty lovers!

Today I am going to be talking about the skincare products that I have been using and testing out for the past month or longer.

I mentioned before that I have moved to Florida state about half a year ago. I always thought that my skin was not happy with the colder, dryer climate and it would be much better if the weather was warmer. So this didn’t necessarily turned out how I though it would. I have noticed that my skin has been breaking out much more often here and I need to be switching skin care products all around. So this thought brings me to where I started testing products that pretty much in the same category from what I used to use before but may be slightly different consistencies.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. I have shared with you my skin care routine in the previous posts, and you know that I have been double cleansing my skin for over quite some time now and I love what it does to my skin. I finished one of my favorite products (read full post here) which still does remain my favorite. This time I gave a try to this new cleansing oil. It is a bit heavier formula that Clinique one if you had a chance to get familiar with it. I need about 3-4 pumps to wash my whole face of makeup. I have to say that this oil is very affective, it removed all my make up from the first time, left no mascara smudges, didn’t irritate eye ( yes, I did purposefully open them to see what happens). It does have a scent of a natural oil, but not fragrance, which is a big plus. I definitely like it.

Murad Retinol Youth Serum. I have tried products from this brand before and haven’t gotten a disappointment yet. This product is not an exception. I had a chance to try a retinol serum in this trial packaging that was meant to be used for 14 days straight, using each packet each night as a nighttime routine. So I did. In general to see a result from a skin care product you would need to use it for 30 days. With this product I only use it for half of that time, however, I can speak of the quality and the way it made my skin feel. Retinol is considered a stronger ingredient, me personally, I have been using retinol for several years now. This serum has a milky formula, light to medium consistency. It spread over the skin without any effort and absorbed rather quickly leaving the skin very soft and hydrated. Some retinol containing products at time may make the skin feel dry, this serum didn’t.

The amount of the product in the testing packet was enough to cover the whole entire face, also neck and area of décolleté. It is quite a pricey product for a full size, however I would say it is worth the investment.

Vichy LiftActive Peptide-C Face Sunscreen SPF30.

If you watched my unboxing video, you could see how cute the packaging is for this sunscreen. It is seriously so pretty. This product offers not only sunscreen SPF 30 but also peptides and Vitamin C that are skin care ingredients that help with wrinkles, dark spots, dullness, also serving the purpose of protecting against daily pollution.

This product is very lightly scented with floral notes, however it is not irritating to the skin. This formula is light to medium thickness and wears very well under make up. I have combination oily skin and I did not notice any extra oiliness throughout the day.

It cosmetics Confidence in A Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizing.

The packaging is obviously very good looking. The cream itself is a thick formula. It applies on skin very easily and delivered intense hydration. I do have a combination oily skin and for that reason I would only use the cream overnight. I definitely noticed that in the morning my skin looks very calm, supple, and hydrated. However, I think that somebody with dry skin would definitely like this product as well and would benefit from its formula.

This cream contains skin -loving ingredients like ceramides, antioxidants, peptide, collagen and hyaluronic acid, shea butter , squalene and vitamin E.

Australian Gold Botanical Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 50. Shade Medium to Tan. This is not a new product to me. I have used it before and finished three tubes of this sunscreen/primer product. I have mentioned it in prior posts. The brand launched extended shades recently which I took advantage of and picked up a medium tone. I very much appreciate that they tried to make one of their best products more inclusive . The formula hasn’t changed they just expanded the range of shades which is amazing. I always recommend it to all my friends because this product is a hidden gem.

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. This products is very interesting. This brand is very well-known for their tanning products being very good. This product is not an exception, it performs very well. The color dries in a very natural tone and comes off gradually without looking patchy on skin.

This product, like many other tanning products, stains your hands very badly – that being said, I would strongly recommend you wear some type of gloves when applying.

The funny thing about this product is its color when it comes out out of the bottle – it is dark green. It literally looks like bird poop. LOL

From Eve with Love

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