Summer Bronzed Glow // Physicians Formula LE Butter Palette // Weylie Hoang

Hello my beautiful lovers!

Today I am going to be chatting about summer limited addition palette that is a collaboration from the brand Physicians Formula with Weiley Hoang.

I am not very much familiar with the creator herself, however, I do know that she is in an influencer and a popular YouTuber. But this post is not going to be about her, it will be, however, in details about this beautiful complexion palette.

Before we start I need to tell you that I am a huge fan of all complexion products – from foundation, to concealers, to powders, to bronzer highlighters, and, of course, blushes.

When I saw this pallet pop up in front of me, I immediately went to my Target app and purchased it right there right then. This pallet retails in for $14.99. Which is a great value for the amount a product you get in the whole palette.

How did the palette get into my hands?

The image of this newly launched palette came up in my IG feed one day few weeks ago. I am very much familiar with Physicians Formula brand and their bronzing products, which I love and have been loving so much for many years.

What’s in it for you?

This palette contains six large pans of products. There are two highlighters, two blushes, and two bronzers. The undertone goes from cool to warm. If you are not familiar with the formula, I will enlighten you- it is called Butter for a reason. It really feels like butter -soft, and it is soft to the touch. Also, there is a small amount of fall out on bronzers, not so much on the other 2 categories. That being said, if you use this product on a daily basis, it will go rather quickly. The good thing is that you can pop the pans out and place them in your Z palette is you wish.

The Swatches

You see for yourself, but all I want to say is – Effortless and gorgeous!

The Quality

The outside packaging is pretty basic – the cardboard, no mirror included inside, no magnetic closure – just a simple book -like palette. The design of the packaging is quite cute and very summery, with a tropical print tones.

As you saw on the swatches, they are quite pigmented and wet- looking. If you are familiar with the formula of Physicians Formula face products- this is very consistent.

The highlighters are so buttery and soft on the touch, you could apply them with your finger or a brush, and they look absolutely gorgeous on skin.

The formula is very buildable throughout the whole entire palette -from highlighters, to blushes, to bronzers.

If you love the categories of products that are included in this palette ( i.e highlighter, blush, and bronzer) – you would love to have this palette in your life, specially for the summer season. This is such a staple quality that you would be reaching for over and over and over.

The Look

I typically hide from he sun in summer, and most of the time, I am using some type of self tanner. I really liked how the whole look came out – very glowy, bronzy, warm and summery, and overall – very healthy. Isn’t what we all want? I am definitely addicting this gorgeous palette to my daily drawer, because in my world it is a winner find.

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From Eve with love

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