Revolution Rose Quartz eyeshadow palette review + swatches // Easy glam// Holiday 2019 collection launch

Revolution Makeup brand which first launched in 2014 as a start up, now a very known brand (also renamed into Revolution). It is known for quality makeup with innovative formulations that rival prestige brands.

The Holliday palette launch that I was so drawn to when I saw this palettes on the store display and then I simply couldn’t resist after swatching few colors. Omg the pigment, the color story, the glitter shades. There are 4 palettes in this launch and the Rose Quartz one caught my eye the most. I love the neutral shades, shimmers and glitter. This palette offers all that and some more. So, it went home with me.

The brand stated the stone of love has inspired rose quartz shadow palette – to bring happiness, positive energy and unconditional love.

With a mix of 20 soft neutral matte tones, shimmery rose shades and pressed glitter metallic hues it’s the ideal way to create a killer smoky eye. There are definitely more possibilities that meats the eye – from day neutrals, to pop of color, to smoky eye. I will get to it in a bit.

The Packaging

The palette comes in approximately hand-size length. The packaging is plastic, yet it is sturdy and has a good snap closure. The very important and also convenient add-ons this palette has is a full size mirror that comes in very handy when applying eye makeup.


I look at this palette and see versatility, convenience of use, and a good range of shades that are easy to mix and match. I love neutral palettes and can never have enough. This palette colors range from mattes, to shimmers to glitter, from cool tones to warm and pop of color. Do you need to do an easy day/ work look? Or turn that quickly into night/ dinner look? Or you want to do a serious chocolate smoky eye ? This palette gives you all that.

Since I got my hands on this palette I haven’t stoped using it for one day.


Let’s look at the swatches of all textures. Like it was mentioned before, there are 3 textures in this palette: matte, shimmer, and glitter.


There are 10 matte shades in the palette. The top row is on the first picture and the bottom row is on the second.

As you can see there are 2 colors (Nectarine and Burnt) that are colorful and you can easily create more fun, vibrant fall looks using them. At the same time they are both still very neutral.

From left to right : Amber, Nude, Chocolate, Nectarine, Ember

From the variety of tones and depths of these mattes you can see that 2 tones are perfectly suitable for setting the lid (Nude and Sweetie), Chocolate and Amber work well on the crease, and the darkest shades make a good outer corner depth.

All colors are well pigmented, blend easily and buildable in strength.

Have to add a note (which is also pretty visible from swatches ) the darkest colors (Ember and Damson) are a bit harder to blend and come out patchy if using the blending technique. However, if try to “pack” the color , they lay quite well with a good color payoff. It is also not uncommon for a more affordable palettes to have darker shades that are a bit more tricky to work with.

Colors from left to right: Sweetie, Glow, Burnt, Brownie, Damson


There are 4 shimmer colors in the palette. I have no need to excessively explain because the picture is worth 1000 words, right?

All the colors are beautiful, apply easily and very pigmented. I personally live for that gold yellow. So pretty! What’s your favorite out of 4?

The shade Star makes a very nice subtle highlighting shade. While the middle 2 are perfect for a day -to- night wear.

The best application method for me is with the tip of a finger, even though a fluffy flat eyeshadow brush also works well, but it will give you a more subtle color payoff.

Colors from left to right: Molten, Corruption, Rose, Star


The reason why I actually purchased this palette was because of the glitter shades. They are so stunning! They apply with a full pigment with literally no effort. No glitter glue required, the colors are very creamy and stick very well.

I have to say, to my surprise, none of the colors creased or dusted on my face throughout the day. This is something I didnt expect from a such an affordable palette.

The only glitter that I had difficulty to apply was Ingenous shade. The rest are just beautiful!

Colors from left to right: Babydoll, Ingenous, Diamanté, Gold dust, Crumble, Elixir

I hope you found the review and tips helpful if you are thinking to pick up this palette or any other from 4 that were launched in this palette collection. You can find the palette here.

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What palettes are you eyeing for this season or have already purchased?

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