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Hello my beauty lovers!

Today is going to be an exciting post. Well, at least, it is for me, because I am going to share with you How -To make a makeup application base with Glass skin effect. I have shared the version of this post in the past ( Read full blog post here if you missed it). Today for this look I am using all my favorite and super bomb high end products that make me feel AMAZING!

Before we start talking about the products, I wanted to mention that the technique of creating today’s look is the same that I used in my drugstore post. So we’re going to follow the same steps, only using high end products that perform really really well on my combination oily skin.

Let’s begin with the first line of products. It might sound a little excessive, however, I will explain why I use the products that i use.

For the first category – Primers – I am using three different products. I know that some of these products are not available any longer. However you can always substitute to a different product that has similar qualities and suitable for your skin type.

The first primer that I am using is for blurring the visible pores on my T-zone. It also helps with access oil production throughout the day.

The second primer (Mac oil control lotion- which I believe was discontinued) that I use goes around the perimeter of my face to prime with gripping effect, so that the foundation and the concealers hold better throughout the day.

The next primer, and the last one, is absolutely optional and could easily be skipped. This primer adds glow affect on the skin that will show up from the inside through the foundation that I am applying over it, creating healthy glow. Remember, if you were in oily combination skin type like me, you only want to put this glowing product on the area that you would normally highlight with a highlighter. If you are a person with a dryer skin, you may use this type of product all over the face if you wish.

Once the priming of the face is done, we are moving onto the next step which is applying our base, also known as foundation and concealers.

Today I am using Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation in the shade 140 N. This shade perfectly matches my natural skin tone. This lightweight foundation has skin -like effect, it is very light and gives your natural glow.

I like to apply this foundation with my sponge using dabbing motions. I also will go in thin layers if I need to add extra product to achieve cohesive coverage.

Once the foundation is in place, we are going to use concealer that is lighter than your skin tone to highlight the under eye areas. You may also use the secondary concealer that matches your natural skin tone to conceal the areas that were not perfectly covered by your foundation, a.k.a. spot conceal.

Once the base is on, we want to set everything with powder. For my application today I chose the powder from Anastasia Beverly Hills in shade Translucent. You may choose to use powder that has an additional tint which will help you with additional coverage, if you need it.

At this point, our base is completely done and we’re going to move on adding some color to the face. For that I’m going to use the face palette from Benefit cosmetics that has bronzer blush and highlighter in one palette. This is one of my favorite face palette that I believe was Limited Edition, but most products available in individual packaging.

Today I am creating the look that is very light, fresh and luminous, that being said, we are using bronzer to add the warmth to the face and not contouring. You may want to use the bronzing brush that’s very fluffy. Also when applying blush you may want to go with a lighter hand so that gives the fact of a youthful look.

One suggestion that I wanted to leave here with you. When choosing lip gloss, for this specific look, I would recommend to select something that is glossy with wet looking affect. Also, something that matches your natural skin tone.

As the very last step, which is also optional, you may want to use setting spray to help your make up last longer. One of my favorite setting sprays from a high- end category is Hangover setting spray by Too Faced.

I hope you liked today’s post and found it helpful. I hope you possibly recognized some of the products that you already love and use in your make up routine. Give the post a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and share it with someone who you think may also like it. Feel free to stay for a while and explore the pages of my blog. And don’t forget to subscribe before you leave.

From Eve with Love

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