June 2020 Favorites // Makeup

Hello my beauty lovers!

I know I have been a bit MIA this past month – what can I say ” the current times feel quite strange ” to me, as I am sure, for most of you. Nevertheless, I really hope everyone is safe and sound.

On the lighter note, I am here to chat about some hits and misses in the world of makeup and beauty. So, without any further talking, let’s go straight into what worked and what didn’t this time around.

I will start with the product that is not at all new to the market, more than that, it is quite well known and have been around for awhile. It is the Colourpop Cream Blush in the shade Between the Sheets.

This was my first time trying this type of product from this brand. As far as packaging – it is very basic and not the most comfortable to use; the clear plastic circle cover popped out at the very first time I opened it. I wouldn’t even expect otherwise. It is, however, very comfortable to travel with since the lid screws on and would not pop open in the motion.

Colourpop Cream Blush in shade Between the sheets

The quality and the formula took me a bit of learning curve to understand what would be the best way to apply it with. Jumping ahead, I need to say that I did figure it out after trying out all application tools (brushes, sponge and fingers) and methods .

I find it easiest to apply with dense round blush brush using stippling / tapping motions. The formula is medium soft, comfortably pigmented and very much buildable. Once I passed the stage where I figured out which method of application worked, I got addicted using it all the time. I had to pull this out of my makeup bag to use other blushes in my collection. Now I am interested to try other colors.

The formula is dryer than E.l.f quad blush that I also love and mentioned prior in this post. The color is perfect to my opinion – it just goes with pretty much any look. It is that neutral pink tone that is complimenting to so many tones you may use to create you daily makeup looks. Talking about versatility. Money well spend on this one for sure.

This next product that I wanted to talk about is BareMinerals BareSkin Concealer. I already own one of the concealers from this brand which I like a lot. This product is as good. The formula is thin and serum -like, goes on skin very easily and smoothly, however, gives you that full coverage that it promises. The applicator is paddle- shaped and flexible upon application which makes color goes on where you need it to go effortlessly.

I find it easier and most effective to apply with a concealer brush and gently set with light loose powder with softest brush you have not to love the product around.

I personally have minor fine lines under my eyes and most, if not all, concealers crease on me. Some do more that others, and this formula almost didn’t . That is a big statement coming from me. Believe me when I say that. I would definitely recommend it to all who have lines around eyes and more mature skin. This is concealer with skincare benefits. Keeper.

If you have followed me long enough , you may already know that I am addicted to bronzers and have way too many, and always on a looking out for adding new one to my stash. I have tried few different products from Lorac brand and haven’t been disappointed yet.

The packaging on this is so Lorac brand – sleek and simple, straght to the point, yet feels lux. The outer frame is metal, has a bit of a weight to it, very thin, however holds 8.5 g of product.

The formula is sheer, very light and has very light sheen to it. I almost felt that it didn’t matter how heavy you go with this bronzer you cannot overapply. It is not so much “buildable ” so to say . It does give you that very healthy natural glow that we all want. As a person with very pale skin, many times I would struggle to find a bronzing product that would be just this type – warms us the complexion with the glow but not making it look fake and ” too much ” during the winter / colder months when tanned skin isn’t in the focus. This bronzer is spot on for the reason. I guess I could put it in the Medium Like ” category.

On to the next group of products that felt a bit Meh about.

Yes, you already saw the Colourpop highlighter and thought ” Girl, Meh for that highlighter??”. Just wait, I can explain.

The highlight swatch, as you can see on the image below, is fantastic, absolute gorgeous and blinding! Yes, that’s all true. Although, I found it difficult to use, possibly due to my own application preferences. I like to apply my makeup with tools: brushes, sponges. I sometime would use my fingers for eyeshadows, but I like to use tools for completion products. This may sound strange to some of you, to me it is just s personal preference and that’s that.

This highlighting formula is very pigmented and needs to be applied with fingers, very gently tapping on the skin. I also noticed that it is not as blinding on skin as it looked on the swatch. I can’t say I dislike this highligher, but it is not my favorite at all.

Another product that is kind of in the same ” Meh category” – is Tarte Primer.

As you can see on the image above that I have this product in a sample size. The first thing that I need to say is the packaging is super cute – frosted glass and metallic lead. It looks very luxe, and it also has some weight to it which feels expensive.

The product Is in a putty form. It has citrusy scent to it. In most cases the scent in makeup/skin care products bothers me, here it is very subtle, and did not irritate my skin after using it on the first application. This one got a pass this time.

This product claims to be for filling and smoothing under the make up, helping with oil production. I really think that it did all that, however one thing that I noticed that put this product into in “Meh category” was that it pills up. You only need the smallest bit to apply. Also cannot move the product to much otherwise it’s going to pill up.

It is not necessarily a complete dealbreaker, however, to my opinion, If the product is very tricky to use and can only be used under certain circumstances – it is not a good product, it is not worth the money. I like a good product to do its job, perform according to the statements that the company promises, and be easy and convenient to use.

*Now, up to the next product and the last one in this post. Unfortunately this product did not meet my expectations. When I first saw this eyeshadow palette I fell in love with it. I think that colors and shimmers in this eyeshadow palette are so beautiful! The color story spoke to me and to my preferences right off the bat.

The packaging is nice for the price. There is no mirror included, which it would be nice however I wouldn’t complain for the price tag.

You got a good amount of shadow in the pans. The variety of colors is decent to create different looks. If you look and pay attention to the rows, you would notice that you could create from cool to warm toned looks, something wearable for everyday as well as glam ones with a simple add on of shimmers. Sounds good in theory at a first glance.

Unfortunately, this palette disappointed me. Matte shades did not have any payoff, there was no pigment. I was very confused with the positive and excellent reviews on a few different online sources.

One thing I have to say that the shimmers in this palette are absolutely gorgeous! However I decided not to hold on to it just for those 4 shades.

no swatches included here, since I didn’t want to dig any further into it and brought this palette back to the store.

I hope you liked this post, and found it helpul. Give it a thumbs up if you did and share it with someone who you think may also like it. I hope you stay for a while exploring the pages of my blog, and do not forget to subscribe before you leave.

From Eve with Love

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