Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette // Review

Hello my beauty lovers!

Today I am sharing with you another Huda Beauty Palette – The New Nude. This palette is one of the larger palettes from the series from the brand.

Why The New Nude? What is so new that it has to offer?


First off, let’s begin from how gorgeous this palette packaging is. I think it is such a romantic and charming look of Ms. Huda Kattan herself on the cover. The cool pastel rosy toned outside view feels feminine and girly, yet powerful in the range of possible looks that can be created. The large mirror is the great addition to it that will not make you look not further than the palette itself.

There are 10 matte shades, 2 pressed glitters (excite and infatuated), 4 innovative shimmers (the new marble design), 1 metallic shade, and 1 pan with concealer.

The brand states that the formula is created with coconut oil and Aloe vera for buttery application. The glitter formula is infused with silicones for better adherence, and the addition of a concealer to the eyeshadow palette brings the ease and comfort of quick application. In case you also forgot the concealer at home, that would be very handy.

The Swatches

I need to be honest with you, the swatches didn’t impress me much. I also had a self tan on, and the mattes were sticking to skin a bit, as you may see on the pictures below.

However, I need to say that on the lids they perform perfectly fine. They are pigmented and blend beautifully including the darkest tones. I am not afraid to say that the quality of the shades seemed pretty consistent throughout.

left photo: matte shades
right photo: shimmers and glitters

The shimmer shades have very interesting marble looking design, and as you may see on the right picture on swatches, they are beautiful.

The palette is more of a cool toned, and is a bit out of my comfort zone. I tend to reach for warmer tones on a daily. But if not try now, then when?

Side note: every time I test a new palette, I use it for a week trying to dip into as many colors as possible, as well as wearing the shades with and without eye primer, applying the colors with brushed as well as fingers. This way, when I come down to share my thoughts on any palettes with you, I know I have put the palette to the test and gave it a fare share to prove itself.

We all want to know if the palette this big has to offer variety and versatility, as well as quality of packaging and eyeshadows themselves.

Upon application, there was a bit of kick back from the pan. However, there was no fall out on actual application. It seems like the formula is a bit different than the one from small Huda Obsessions Nude palette. Full post here.

The shimmers are stunning and foiled. They apply better with fingers and smaller denser brushed, to my experience and skill level.

The glitters, needed to be applied with glitter glue or another adhesive. They get everywhere, but they look absolutely beautiful on eye lids. I don’t see myself reaching for glitter on daily, but you never know when you may need one. Think of New Year’s Eve parties, for example.

Is it worth it?

Like I mentioned earlier, this palette almost seems like it was curated for a cool tone lovers. You also need to like shimmers, because about a half of the palette is shimmer shades. You may be able to create some cool- toned pastel / purplish/ burgundy looks for a day that also can easily be turned into an evening looks.

However, is this palette versatile? To my opinion – kind of, but not really. I most definitely prefer and reach out to a small Huda obsessions Nude Palette that I mentioned earlier for versatility reasons.

The quality of the shadows is pretty great and are worth the investment if , again, those are your colors. After all, this palette is well over $50.

The Looks

I used deeper shades in this first look to do a smokey burgundy/plump eyes with halo technique.
other products used:
Lip pencil
Face palette
Eye brows
lighter more wearable day look with added gel eyeliner, mascara , and brighter lips

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