Keto talk // Simple Low Carbs Pancakes recipe

I have heard of Keto diet plan and was always very sceptic about it, because of ALL THE FAT! While the Keto diet allows you to eat all the fat and protein you want, you have to watch your carbs daily intake (of course the daily calculations of Keto Macros are calculated on individaul basis).**

Last year I was on low carb – low fat- high protein diet. While I did get myself to 20% body fat in 3 months of strict meal planing, I often felt hugry due to the portion sizes, and out of energy – for cutting calories. That diet style also needed to be maintained at all times otherwise I would start putting on weight and fat layers back in the matter of days.( And no, I am not kidding or exhadurating, it really does happen very quickloy for me. Inheritance, you know). Even though that turned into being my lifestyle afterall, at times in the social settings it was quite difficult to follow the “diet rules”. I am not even starting talking about hollidays..

Earlier this year, in February to be exact, I had to get a knee surgery done and that event threw me off my diet and fitness tracks (stay tuned for the entire story highlight soon).

Now that I have been back to the gym for few weeks, so I decided to give this Keto business a go. I need to mention that I don’t find all the cooking shenanigans very apealing, as a matter of fact, if it takes longer than 10-15 minutess to make a meal – that’s not for me. I like to EAT but cooking is a different story.

Since carbs know my name and yell it out at least once a week very loudly, I needed to get a bit creative. This past Sunday morning I made super simple and quick Keto-aproved pancakes . All the ingredients are very easy to find in your local store. The ingredient list and some cooking supplies that I used are listed below. Watch the video for the exact measurements.

Ingredients used in this recipe:

Cooking Supplies used:

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Feel free to leave any comments and thougths below on Keto diet or any other plan you have been currently trying or have tried before. If you tried Keto, how did it work for you?

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