15 Good Habits your skin will thank you for

You may have heard all these things many many times over and over again from different sources, may be even from your mom and grandma, but never gave it too much thought. Since I was a little girl my mom used to tell me not to sleep on my face and not to rub my eyes otherwise I would get wrinkles. Now, many years later, I say “Thanks mom, you were right”.

Let’s get to it. Here is the  list of 15 things your skin will thank you for if you actually implement them in your daily life and make them your  habits. These practices actually very effective if you stick to them. If you are already doing some of them or all of them – thats great ! If not, give them a try and watch the transformation happen. The list below is a part of my personal routine that I started many years ago. People tell me  I look much younger that I actually am. And, my friends, this is why.

This list is my personal routine and might not work or can be suitable for everyone. However, most of the items on the list are HABITS not products. This is my experience and I am very loyal to it because it works for me. If you like to know what I do  – Continue reading.

  1. Lets start with the most basic, yet very powerful  – Drinking tons of water. Water washes out toxins out of your body, helps the work of metabolism, also digestive system which is the huge factor in having a clear complexion. If you find it hard to drink pure water, try  slowly cutting  down and then completely eliminating sugary drinks like soda, juices, etc. You may experiment with adding some flavor to your water for an easier transition. For example, adding fruits to your water bottles and water enhancer drops till you get used to it. 
  2. Diet goes together with water hand in hand. Remember that our bodies are human machines (if you have ever taken Human Anatomy and Nutrition courses you will definitely agree with me on this one).  Whatever fuel you put into it, that’s the way it is going to run. Simple enough, right?  That’s Nutrition 101 summed up for ya right there. The more natural and clean your meals are, the better your skin will look, and,  of course, the better you will feel.  If you  think I am trying to tell you to eat salad leaves and cucumbers all day every day, I think you might have missed the point  –  your diet needs to be clean with healthy fats, complex carbs, portion control and variety. Think of your meals in regards of nutriotional value not empty calories. Rule of thumb here is – if it doesn’t come from a natural source   (i.e it is processed), don’t eat it. 
    brown fish fillet on white ceramic plate
  3. Stop touching your face. This is a BIG one. Most people do not realize how many times a day we touch our faces with dirty hands or in general. I am not kidding  –  do you know how much transient bacteria we carry on and off on our hands during the day? How many things we touch and don’t always wash out hands? Or how many people before you touch the same objects? And then we casually touch our faces  here and there. All that junk can transfer to your face and cause all sort of things: from pimples, to rash, to irritation. Just think about it.
    five person holding hands together
  4. Designated face towel. Have a clean seperate towel for your face ONLY, that nobody else uses but you. Try to change it at least 2-3 times a week. Ideally would be every day, but who has so much closet storage and wants to do piles of towel laundry. I totally get it.
    towels bath towels bathroom
  5. Change the Pillow Case at least once a week. I also learned that sleeping on the silk pillow case reduces the friction between the skin and fabric which reduces formation of new wrinkles while  we sleep. Food for thought and some further research.
    close up photography of woman sleeping
  6. Sleeping on your face. This is no news at all. You may have heard this from many different sources. When we sleep with our face down on the pillow or the side sleepers, our facial and neck skin gets pulled and pushed into  forming folds, which on the long run creates wrinkles. I am guilty of both and it is a constant training of your mind and body to break the worst habbits. Read #5 again if you like to start somewhere.
  7. Sleeping with makeup  on. This is #1 of all the rules, ladies and gents (even though I placed it #7). I mean, no matter what – NEVER sleep with makeup on. Use wipes, quick face wash with soap, use whatever you may have handy at the moment, but never never skip this step.
    woman washing her face with water
  8. Do not pull on the skin.  Instead pat dry with a towel  after washing, and tap your skin products on with palms of your hands.
  9. Have a skincare routine. It might take time to find right skincare products that best work for your skin, nevertheless, find them and stick to them. There will be times that you might  need to adjust  some products depending on your skin needs. It is perfectly fine. We change so does our skin. Develope a morning, night, weekly and monthy routines. Write them down, stick the post-its all over your bathroom mirror if you have to. Make it your religion and a unconditional habit. You might want to read this  – Skincare routine in my 30’s
  10. Let the skin breath. Depending on your lifestyle and schedule, find a day or two during the week not to wear any makeup and let the skin breath.
    close up photo of woman s face
  11. Do you still tan??.
  12. SPF.  Minimum SPF 30 all the time all year round. Yes, you read it right. When you are on the beach, make sure to reapply SPF. Follow manufacturer’s instructions – not all sun products made the same.
  13. Sunglasses and Hats. Just go ahead and introduce yourself to a new skin fashion trends if you haven’t started yet. You will be happy you did. They will help you to prevent early skin damage, aging around eye  area, and frown lines.
  14. Review your makeup. Specifically expiration dates. The information about that is usually stated on the cosmetic packaging; if not, you can always refer to product website/ customer service. Also, make sure to use products that are meant for your skin type to avoid clogged pores, irritaion and other unfortunate events.
    makeup set
  15. Wash your makeup tools. Brushes, sponges, or whatever else you use for your makeup/ skincare application need to be cleaned/ washed weekly. Think of it as the tools need to take a shower as they get dusty. If you wish to go extra mile, try makeup brush cleaning spray.

I will give you a BONUS one , beacuse I am nice  –  please do not pick on your skin if you ever get to deal with skin surface issues like breakouts, blackheads, rashes, eczema, etc. Seak an advice of a dermatologist or esthetitian. They will help you to get on a right path with correct products and procedures suitable for your  specific skin needs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, found some helpful tips  and got to learn something new for yourself. If you have helpful skincare/ makeup suggestions, do tell and share.

From Eve with Love



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