Your 3 day guide in Kansas City, MO

I visited KC this June for the friend’s wedding  and I have to say I was slightly worried about this trip because when  I told people about my travel destination their reaction wasn’t great. I would get the “Ooh ok” faces. Hmm…. I thought.  But  my style of traveling  is not the same like most people I know. I always take some time ahead my trip to research and plan for every day of stay and organize everything in the way that I get to experience everything from going sightseeing to eating local food, to shopping.

I had a very early flight from PHL and had to stay awake  at least for the boarding time. The green smoothie did the job.



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I flew with Frontier Airline. They strongly advise you to check-in through the link that they usually email you or on their app. However, my link had some sort of glitch and I wasn’t able to complete  it ahead of time. There was a piece of information on the cost of the luggage being more expensive at the airport. So, I thought ” ok, no big deal, how much more is it really gonna be?”  ( the regular price is $30 per one checked – in bag). Shortly after I got to the airport I got to find out that it was in fact almost twice the initial price!! Ok, I think you get it, right? No further comment here from me … Don’t do what I did, complete your check- in within 24 hours ahead of time and pay for the luggage through the link.

I slept throughout the whole entire flight so I cannot really tell you about their on  board service. I might have missed complimentary pretzels or cookies. I wouldn’t know now. Have you ever traveled with this airline ? What was your experience?

Upon arrival it was very easy navigate through the airport following the signs to the baggage claim and the exit and then to my Uber. I have to say that for the duration of  my stay in KC all the Uber drivers were very friendly and helpful. The first one recommended not to miss an opportunity to enjoy the famous barbecue local restaurants.  I would never missed THAT opportunity! I am glad I listened and ended up having the most delicious BBQ  steak burger. Yum!

Kansas City is known not only for its BBQ deliciousness but also as a ” Fountain City”. They are over 200 fountains all around. If that’s something you enjoy seeing than you can look them up and visit just those specific places. Every year in early April the city celebrates Greater Kansas City Fountain Day, when all 48 publicly-operated fountains spring back to life. This day represents a great source of pride for the comfort, energy and urban vitality they provide.

  1. One of the city’s most recognizable landmarks is the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain, situated near the iconic Country Club Plaza. Built in Paris in 1910, it once adorned the estate of a New York millionaire.
  2. Firefighters Fountain serves as a tribute to the heroes who keep KC safe.
  3. Crown Center Square Fountains will give you a breath of fresh air after you enjoy some local shopping.
  4. Children’s  Fountain is a masterpiece  of its own kind.
  5. Muse of the Missouri. Simply stunning.
  6. Henry Wollman Block Fountain. Located in the area you simply cannot miss out on when going KC sightseeing as well as the Union Station.

 Dedicate one of your days  to visiting some museums in the area. Here are few to name: The Nelson- Atkins Museum of Art, Museum Of Illusions, National WWI Museum and Memorial, The National Museum of Toys, Hallmark Visitors Center.

You might need to grab a taxi or drive in between some of these places, and some are in the walkable distance from  each other.

For my trip I stayed in the Downtown area. It is pretty safe to walk around and everything is very close. There you can find many places to eat, drink and entertain. To my surprise, during the week the streets of downtown are not so crowded. But on the weekend it attracts more locals and tourists. You might need to make diner reservations to make sure you get the table and won’t need to stay on the waiting list for too long.

If you like to take a quick tour around Downtown area, there is a train that travels around the downtown loop and it is FREE!



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Last but not least – who doesn’t like shopping ?! The two places I personally went to : Crown Center which was super fun with lots of things to see and eat. It does have an outdoor  area to enjoy.


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Go to Country Club Plaza  for some quality shopping and also to enjoy the beautiful streets that hold tons of history.

Kansas City, MO  is a “Big” small city with a lot of charm and history.  It would make a great trip for families and friends. Be sure to add it to your travel bucket list.


From Eve with Love








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