A Day Guide in St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine welcomes you with beautiful, historic and grand campus of Flangler College that is located just few miles off the Atlantic Ocean but right in the heart of the city. St. Augustine is known to be ” the nation’s oldest city”. The college is named after Henry Morrison Flagler, the Gilded Age industrialist and railroad pioneer. In 1888, Flagler build the Hotel Ponce de Leon, his first series of luxury hotels along the east coast of Florida.

Make sure to take a stroll through the Flagler College campus. Some parts are tourists friendly and will display beautiful mosaics and stained glass. One to enjoy the masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance architecture.

Bridge of Lions adds to the waterfront charm. It makes the main entrance to and from the historic St. Augustine part and is the focal point from Old Town Gates and the Castillo de San Marcos. The bridge is the pretty site during the day and also is nicely lit at night.

Making a pit stop for one of many unique ice cream shops. YUM!

ST. George Street is an absolute heart of the city. You can feel how this place filled with history along with tons of places to eat and entertainment suitable for both kids and adults. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, hat and sunglasses, and do not disregard the SPF.

There’s no lack of specialty shops full of unique items that definitely will catch your eye. Make sure to take your time and visit few of them.

This Ice cream spot has to be A – MUST -STOP if you are a sweets lover. The Sweat Spot creamery and confections shop will definitely satisfy your sweat tooth cravings and help you cool down in the hot temperatures. One that’s not to be missed, for sure.

One of many coffee shops with its unique design and very tasty coffee.

Being next to water brought the cravings for the seafood. The wait for the reservation was worth it. Catch 27 did not disappoint with the menu variety, freshness and personnel service. These devil’s eggs were to die for. Side note for advice: if you plan to visit St. Augustine on the weekend make sure to make reservations for your meals, specially dinner. Most places fill out the reservation lists for the entire evening hours that walk-in Or wait list are not even the options.

Catch 27 shrimp and chicken tacos. Plus delicious Margarita.
The gathering of characters from historic parts of St. Augustine.

St. Augustine leaves The feeling of history, adventure, family bonding time and tasty food and treats. Make sure to put it on your “to visit” day trips next time you visit Florida. You won’t regret it.


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