Skincare Routine In My 30’s

Hello my beauty Lovers!

Sometime around the age of 28, I started noticing that the skin care products that  I had been using through my 20’s stopped working. Literally, anything that I was using on my face did not look or felt the same all of a sudden. The makeup products, the skincare, the routine.  It was then when I started more profound research on what was going on. As it turned out,  nothing was going wrong, I was just getting to another phase where my skin would have different needs.

I have done quite a bit of research of skincare myself from online articles, books then started following a few knowledgable estheticians. 

I really thought I knew what my skin was in my 20’s and what it needed and I thought I was set. Not until I started doing research and learned that it was time for a few changes then. So, here they are :


  1. DOUBLE CLEANSE.   First wash to remove the debris aka pollution dust or makeup, and second wash – to actually clean the facial skin from dirt and oils.
  2. SERUM. Now that my skin was not getting any younger, I needed to incorporate serums for daily use. There are various serums out there and every one of them has their own skin benefits. I recommend visiting an esthetician for consultation and guidance before putting anything on your skin (it is your face after all) for the best use and benefits specifically for your skin type and needs.
  3. DAY AND NIGHT MOISTURISERS.   It was a moment I remembered my wonderful mother, who had different cosmetic jars on her vanity and she would tell me not to mix them up because they were different for day and night routines. I  was too young to understand why she needed so many different jars. But now I do! Day and night creams have different ingredients in them that are meant to benefit your skin better during that specific time. Even though that are products out there that can be used both day and night. I recommend you do a bit of research and maybe try a few things out and ultimately decide what works best for your skin and lifestyle.
  4. SPF. If you haven’t used it till now, you must start now! The benefits and importance of SPF are grand.  The first thing you might think when you hear “SPF” might be ” greasy” or ” heavy”, or “smells funky”.  I will tell you, however, that cosmetic brands are going out of there way with their product development and not of what I mentioned higher is an issue anymore for most of them.
  5. EXFOLIATE. These can be physical or chemical exfoliants. You will need to try and decide which ones will suit your skin best. 
  6. MORNING / NIGHT / WEEKLY / MONTHLY SKINCARE ROUTINES. Yes, that many! And it is pretty important to establish each one of them and stay consistent. Only by following your skincare routines you will see skin improvements and help your skin to transition to the next level of products smoothly when the time comes.macro photography of woman s face
  7. BECOMING BFF WITH YOUR ESTHETICIAN. If you haven’t started going to esthetician yet, it is a good time to start now. In your 30’s your skin is ready for some procedures that only a professional should handle  (like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, extractions, lasers, fillers etc.) 
  8. SLEEP! Yes, if you are 30+ years young you already probably know (if not, then you’ll get to find out once you get there) that your body doesn’t recover as quickly as it did in your 20’s.  Since now on, 10PM is your old 3AM. Lack of sleep will literally be visible on your face the next morning. So, my dear,  set your sleep timer and get your full 7-8 hours of beauty rest.bed cute dog female
  9. HEALTHY DIET AND STAYING HYDRATED.  person holding drinking cup sitting
  10. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. It is important in all ages really. Working out helps balance your hormone levels, skin elasticity, and skin tone, and bring that glow that we all want.

I Hope this post was helpful and you learned something new! Give it a thumb up and share it with someone who you think may also like it. Feel free to stay for awhile to explore the pages of my blog and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave.

From Eve with Love


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