My Winter Skincare Survival Routine

Hello my beauty Lovers!

The cold winter season can become quite rough on the skin and brings some extra worries and overall uncomfortable skin feeling like tightness, redness and irritation. I struggle with all the mentioned above every year. Staying indoors is also not the best option due to higher usage of heaters and heating systems that also drying out the air and dehydrating your skin with it. That being said, the only options you have is to adjust to it and add some products and steps to your skincare routine (if your finances allow, you may add some procedures at your esthetician’s that can be very helpful and beneficial to your skin).


Here are the products and routine steps I follow during colder months to help my skin survive.



  1. Facial Oil Cleanser.  This perfectly works for taking makeup off as the first step without irritating your face skin.
  2. Micellar Water Cleanser or Gentle Cream Cleanser (depending on your skin type and your personal preference) – I try to use something gentle and creamy during colder weather. It helps my skin to stay more moisturizes and not dry out.  I use any of these products interchangeably depending on my mood and my skin condition that day.
  3. Gentle Non-Alcohol Toner. This is a pretty simple step. You probably already know that this step is important because the toner brings your skin PH level back to where it should be after you have used the cleansing products and before you apply serums and moisturizers.
  4. Serum You need to select the ones that suit your skin needs. If you are friends with your esthetician, this is a good subject to consult about.  Serums are basically products that are concentrated with specific ingredients. In winter our skin may struggle with a lack of nutrients/vitamins/moisture and will not mind extra help. I use serums all year long switching them around depending on the season, temperatures and my skin needs.
  5. Eye Cream. This one is a MUST for me all year round but especially during colder months. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and needs extra protection from UV lights and varying temperatures. Consider a product that also has moisturizing components like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, or naturals oils.
  6. Cream or Moisturizer. Creams tend to be slightly heavier and suit more for night routines and colder temperatures, while lighter versions (moisturizers and lotions) are preferred for warmer months. Do not dismiss the ingredient components and SPF when selecting your creams/moisturizers.
  7. Sleeping Overnight Mask.  I use it once or twice a week for extra help for additional moisturizing. Here are my favorites: Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight MaskMamonde Hydro Sleeping Mask
  8.  Face Sheet Mask. I discovered this product many years ago and swear by it.  It does an amazing job moisturizing the skin, and it is also a very relaxing ”  15 minute Me Time”.  There are very wonderful brands out there today on the market to choose your mask from.
  1. Regularly  Scheduled Manicure.  This one is pretty self-explanatory and does not need further noting.
  2.  Cuticle Oil Pen daily as needed.  This item is my go-to and I usually order 10 at a time and it lasts me for a season. Needless to mention I place it everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE: all my purses, car, bathroom, every single makeup bags, nightstand, you name it. Yes, I do use them all!
  3. Moisturizing Hand Lotion or Cream using during the day after every hand wash. Having hand lotions/ creams with SPF is a great idea as well.
  4. Liquid Vitamin E or Almonds Oil massaged into hands in the morning and before bed. They can be mixed with your hand moisturizers.
  5. Sheet Mask Gloves  – these things are amazing for calming and nourishing for your hands!
  6. Paraffin Bath.  I tried this salon service several years ago and loved it. For my hands, it became a whole game changer. It is a very relaxing process, also very calming and moisturizing for the hand skin. If you are like me and experience hand joint stiffness and pain with the change of seasonal temperatures you may be in love with this quick addition to your regular manicures.

FOR THE BODY is a much simpler formula which to my opinion goes unchanged year round. You may try adding oils to your bathes as well as body moisturizers for extra comfort.


  1. Cleanse. It is your own preference and whatever is best for your skin type but I personally use and recommend creamier body washes during winter and year round. I find them less drying for the skin.
  2. Exfoliate. It is important to exfoliate your body to remove the old dry skin cells and let the new ones breath. If you haven’t tried coffee scrubs, you are missing out a big way! The ones that are based on coconut oil are simply amazing! (Please be advised to check the reverse side of any exfoliating products if you have any permanent or experience any temporary inflammatory skin conditions). Shop here for my favorite one.
  3. Moisturize. Do not neglect this step. It is important to replenish your body skin with moisture that was partially lost while being washed with a cleanser.
  4. Try to avoid using harsh washing detergents and follow the guide for washing, changing and storing your clothes in a proper manner. Some ingredients in the detergents can add to skin dryness and irritation during the cold winter season.

Hope this was interesting and helpful. Feel free to comment and share your tips and tricks on how to survive rough winter colds.

From Eve with Love

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