My Evening Skincare Routine

Hello my beauty Lovers!

It is essential to remove your makeup ( if you don’t wear makeup you still need to clean your skin ) at the end of each day, before your bedtime.

Why? Because night time, when we sleep, is when our skin is most receptive and regenerates the most.

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This is the time we need to give our skin some rest and nutrients so it can absorb all the goods while we sleep and rest.

Every woman heard and aware of the MAIN RULE: Never sleep with your makeup on. Never!

So let me share my night time skincare routine steps with you, which I developed over the years, not overnight ( only because I did not have so many sources to learn from back when I was younger ). I still try to change or rotate some products here and there depending on my skin condition at that time, but the steps and routine pretty much stays the same.

NOW, ATTENTION  – your evening routine won’t or shouldn’t be different from your morning routine in the STEPS so much but will be different in the matter of PRODUCTS and ingredients in them that you will be applying.

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Skincare routine is a constant work in progress. It is a journey to get to know your skin and work on its health and beauty together as a team. If you love your skin  – it will love you back.

Steps #1: CLEANSE.  If you wear makeup during the day remember that you might want to cleanse extra  – DOUBLE CLEANSE  – (or triple if you like/need) using something to first remove your makeup then another cleansing product to actually cleanse your skin. The cleansing products at night can be targeted more towards any skin concerns that you might have at the moment  (example: breakouts or uneven skin tone).  If you have normal skin without any concerns you may use the same cleanser that you use in the morning. I personally use different cleansers for morning and night to target separate things:  more gentle cleanser in the morning and stronger one in the evening. I also like to remove my makeup with oily cleansing balm then follow up with a cleanser. This might sound like high maintenance but that’ s what I do. I like to make sure that my skin is completely clean. You need to choose what’s best for you.

Step #2: TONE. The toner is pretty important to use in the evening routine to bring the PH level of your skin to where it should be before you apply layers of products on after all. Your skin needs to basically be very clean and neutralized before adding nutrients on it. Shop for one of my favorites here.

Step#3: APPLY SERUMS.  This is the moment you think of your skin needs. Do you need extra moisture? (You might want to try this product). Do you need extra help with breakouts or developing wrinkles? Does your skin need more vitamins and its getting dull?  Do you want to target the texture of your skin? Do you need all of it? That’s where you need to start. But remember while some ingredients can be piled on or combined others are very active and strong and have to work on their own and should NOT be mixed with any others.

Step#4: EYE CREAM.  The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on our faces and needs extra help. Once you turn 30 that area needs your definite and full attention. There are tons of good eye products on the market today.  You can choose anything you like, just keep in mind that the main important thing is to keep the eye area moisturized. Keep an eye on the ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, various natural oils.

Step #5: FACE CREAM. As a final step to your nighttime routine, you will apply face cream to lock everything that you have just applied in place. Here is a very similar idea like with the serums – Keep in mind the ingredients. Some of them are not recommended to be used with others. Think of your skin needs like moisture, discoloration, developing wrinkles, texture, etc. 

I like to add a NOTE here – remember that you need to give any new product you start using a chance to work to see the results. This does not usually happen overnight. Read into product information or go to the main product website and get familiar with all the ingredients, in and outs of it. If in theory, it sounds like this is what your skin need is then the product and fair chance to show you what it can do for you.

I hope you enjoy reading and learned some helpful information. I would love to hear your comments and tips on your skin habits and routine below in the comments.

From Eve With Love

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