Traveling Tips // What’s in My Carry-on

If you are someone who travels spontaneously or just simply loves to go away for a short or long weekend, you know what jet lag feels like and how it takes you another day or two to recover your sore muscles and bring your skin back to life after hours of sitting in the airplane seats.

I love traveling and exploring and try to do it whenever possible. Every time I went somewhere I would come up with a list of things to make my travel trips better in a sense of comfort and effectiveness, without taking away the enjoying part of the whole trip. The main words for me were: easy and convenient.

Here is my list for you! Follow it, try the tips out and hopefully you will find them helpful in your travels!

  1. Drink tons of water!  As basic as it sounds  – sometimes the very simple sings are actually that work the best.  I won’t preach how good and what H2O does for your body, it is not a chemistry class, after all, however, I will tell you that I noticed that I have been having joint stiffness when I air travel and drinking lots of water helps me a lot to reduce that discomfort to almost nonexistent.
  2. Travel size cosmetic items: I like to pack as light as possible and travel size cosmetic items come in very handy.  I know, we ladies spend time and money and put in the effort to take care of our skin when in home conditions and it becomes a little more challenging when we travel. I thank cosmetic companies for coming up with travel size items. I will share the list of items I pack in my carry-on bag ( FYI, check with your airline company for  item restriction before packing any of these; I have never had issues with that since I always have them in clear sealed cosmetic bag): hand sanitizer, hand lotion, hydrating cleansing face wipes, hydrating face mist, and last but not least, lip balm. Pick up small items at Ulta or One of my favorites lip balms from Target.
  3. Healthy snacks.  This one really speaks for itself. It is not easy to find a healthy snack or meal in the airport setting. I guess my advice to you is – Listen to your body and try to cut down or avoid salty snacks (salt retains water and adds to bloating)! If you can tolerate any food you want then go for it, and if you are like me who gets stomach inflammations from pretty much anything processed,   you need to think twice before picking a snack.
  4. Stay comfy! Neck pillow and blanket are your best friends. Oversized scarf or shawl can be turned into a pillow or a blanket as well. I also like to pack some extra things like: pair of fluffy socks or foldable slippers, sleeping mask and earplugs. Check out one of my favorite places for cute finds for some options.
  5. Electronics/ gadgets. Try not to use your phone so much for watching movies, playing games, etc. Instead try to pick up some reading material for the flight, like a magazine, or a printed puzzle book (my favorite is Sudoku), a book or even better Audibles. I personally find using printable materials less tiring for my eyes than electronics during my travels.

P.S  I am a big fan of podcasts. But that is for another post. Stay tuned!

6.   Add on to #5 – headphones and power bank! Simple but yet not all airlines provide with the disposables and if you forget yours and you planned on listening to music or audiobook, you will not be so happy in the next few hours to come.

   7.  Wear comfortable clothes. I always think very practically in this matter, however, I also do not what to roll into the airport in my PJs or sweatpants. Athleisure being a huge trend right now comes in very handy.  My favorite travel outfit is leggings or high waisted stretchy denim,  bralette, basic tee ( long or short sleeve depending on a season), denim/ bomber jacket or light cardigan, sneakers/ loafers. As long as I stay warm, comfortable, wrinkle and static free  I will be a happy traveler.

I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to share your own travel tips and leave a comment down below.

Safe and comfy travels!

From Eve with Love

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