May 2020 Favorites // Makeup

Hello my beauty lover!

I can’t believe it is the end of May and Spring already. It seems like this year is flying by too quickly. I have few new interesting things to share with you that I have tested over this past month.

Some of them came out to be a very unexpected surprises. Some brands at times throw very good products at you with you having no expectations for them.

It is always a nice add -on if the products are more affordable than not.

Lorac Front of the Line PRO liquid eyeliner. This is easily my new favorite thing. I have mentioned it in this post in case you missed it. Let’s admit that the liquid eyeliner is never the easiest thing to use and achieve the perfect identical wings. I am not exchadurating when I say my wings came out absolute perfection – Both! – like I have never seen or done before. What? How? This liquid liner has very pointy thin hair-like brush. It is very pigmented and saturated. When I tell you this is the easiest liquid eye liner have ever used in my life -I am not lying. I am still shocked. Where has this liner been my whole life? I wonder if now I need to pick up one in different color.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-1 Mascara. This is currently one of 2 mascaras in my mascara stash that doesn’t transfer to my eye lids. I have oily skin and always set my makeup with powders. Yet, most mascaras find the way to transfer (possibly due to the C- shaped lashes that I have).You would think this is a good thing, until all your mascaras transfer around the eyelids and make you look like baby panda. Anyway, this mascara doesn’t. Even when I don’t set my makeup, it still doesn’t.

It has hair bristles which helps to give a natural volume to the lashes. I wouldn’t say this is the most volumizing or lengthening. I’d say, it is just regular volume and length. One thing that I noticed – if you apply it with a lash primer, then you have a good amount of volume. I currently use this primer and it is very good, does the job and very affordable.

Ulta Matte Face Primer. As you already know, my skin type is combination oily. I also have visible pores on the T-zone. The ideal primer for me would be the one that helps with skin oils, pore filling and smoothing and at the same time doesn’t dry out or breaks down the make up throughout the day. Well my friends, this is the primer that does just all those things. Yes, it’s that good and clearly not talked enough about by people.

This next product is the powder foundation that I also mentioned in post earlier this month. Now that I live in Florida state, I often tend to reach for powder foundation. It works very well for hotter days. I won’t say no more. Read the full post here.

Tarte Sugar Rush Mini Sugar Coat Velvet Liquid Lipstick. This is such a interesting product. It comes out as a cream then dries out kind of powdery on the lips. I can’t say I love it, but also I am still very curious about how cool this formula is. It is very light, you literately do not feel it on the lips. It applies so easy and has no scent. It doesn’t stay too long on lips as you would probably assume already and you would be right. I have received this product as a GWP and I clearly understand I am definitely not the target market for this type of product.

This next group of products is something that I purchased as soon as it launched and I can’t get enough of it. That is The lip gloss set from ABH. I have the first holiday lip gloss set from ABH and I like them a lot. However, this 4 lip glosses do not seem to have the same formula. The 2 first ones are very creamy, high shine and non sticky . The 2 shimmer glosses on the right are absolutely beautiful, shimmery on lips, stay on well, and not gritty. This is a limited-edition set with 4 all new, all nude lip gloss shades.

If nude lips is your type of vibe then you will fall in love with all these 4 glosses just like I have.

Benefit Cheerleaders LE Cheek palette. Right off the bet I want to say that at times when you buy a face palette, you may end up only using few pans. This is not at all the case for me with this face palette. This is the full use palette that suits my skin tone. I use every single thing in it. Yes, the packing is bulky, but I also wanted to mention that I do not owe one single separate product from Benefit purely for the reason that I absolutely hate the boxy packages of their single blushes and bronzers. This may absolutely be an unpopular opinion, nevertheless it is what it is for me. This palette works well for me. Even though it is a bit bulky but if you consider the fact that you actually get blush , contour, bronzer, highlight and mirror in one, then it is actually not that big at all. And most people at first dislike that brush that is included, but it actually works very well.

These swatched are gorgeous

There are few products that unfortunately didn’t hit the mark.

You guys already know, that this is my least favorite thing to do – talk about fails. But we are all here to help each other out not to buy crap. So, let’s see what didn’t work this time.

The first product the I wanted to talk about is NYX Born to Glow Concealer. I went without any expectations for this product. This concealer had a fair shot as all the other ones that I have ever tested. Besides the cute packaging, this concealer doesn’t perform the way it says it would .

I did love the applicator, but also felt like too much product came out every time. I never really figured out how hard or not I need to press on the tube to get just the right amount. That being said, it goes fast because of wasted amount that just ends up staying in the cap or kind of drying to in the sponge tip applicator.

There is no scent to the concealer and it IS a full coverage. It also applied and spreads easily with brush, sponge or finger. I do have fine lines under my eyes and this concealer creased like no other. To bad, but no go for me.

NYX Professional Makeup Tinted Brow Mascara. I have talked about my brows so many times and if you follow my bog and social media accounts, you would know that I try prey much every brow product that comes out or did in the past. For the past 6-8 months I have really been loving mire naturaly looking ” feather” eye brows, specially for day wear. I also learned that to best achieve that look I would use the tinted brow mascaras then if needed to correct it with brow pencil. So I tried quite few brow tinted gels . This brow mascara has a larger brush than what I would typically see in this type of products. The brush is very stiff and almost scratches the skin, also it doesn’t seem to pick up enough product to deposit on the eyebrow area. So basically what I am trying to say is that there is no color pay off. At all. In other words – It literally doesn’t do anything. It is not an expensive product but if it doesn’t work it is a waste.

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