Makeup Inspiration // Pink

Hello my beauty lovers!

Today I am calling all “Pinkaholics”.

If you have followed me on my SM and my blog here, you may have seen that this past several months I realy have been loving the pink makeup looks. I can’t think of one specific thing that triggered my interest – could be current trends, spring season, me moving to a warmer state from a cold state, me moving towards more feminine things in my personal style. Could be the combination of all that.

This post won’t be long, it is very specific to a one look that I was very inspired to do. I want to give credit to Lola Liner – an amazing digital creator. She is a fantastic makeup artist, with the style that I am so obsessed about. So feminine, so airy, so creative, like no other! If you do not follow her yet, I very much recommend checking her platforms out. She recently shared the look that I got inspired by.

I didn’t use the same products, I chose different palette that I love very much and I talked about it before. It is one of my most colorful palettes that I use a ton.

Bhcosmetics all matte palette

This palette is all matte, formula is very pigmented, and easy to use. This look is all matte. Since there are no shade names in this palette, refer to the image above for the colors I used. The application went from the lightest to the deepest in order. The lightest shade went all over the lid to set the tone and set the lid. The second shade (second row first to the left) – the crease and above; shade in the middle – to add more pigment to the crease and upper lid. The ultimate color and the deepest one ( one on the right ) was placed on the lower lid and crease for the dimension and depth.

I definitely wanted to add more drama to the eyes by adding liquid eyelashes ( you already know These ones are my favorites), and liquid eyeliner.

I went for the one that would give me a thicker line with one pass. This is the eyeliner that I have used first time 15 years ago. It is still in my makeup stash. Its pointy felt tip picks up good amount of liner pigment and deposits the thicker line. It is quite easy to manipulate and create a wing. The felt tip is flexible enough to follow the movement, yet stiff enough not to go “out of line”.

Since this was the Inspo look , I followed the example and chose the neutral creamy lip. This is one of my favorite nude lipsticks that I owe. The color matches my skin tone perfectly and the creamy formula is fantastic. This lipstick doesn’t clump, dry out, also doesn’t have an unpleasant scent. This is one of those products that is so underrated and not talked about enough.

Lip pencil

Finished Look

I hope you like this post and found it helpful. Give it a thump up if you haven’t done so already and share with someone who you think may also like it. Feel free to stay for awhile to explore the pages and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave.

From Eve with Love


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