Best Products of 2020 //Skincare

Hello my beauty lovers!

This month instead of doing monthly favorites like I always do, I have thought to combine all the products that I tested and loved since the beginning of this year. I’ll do the misses in a separate posts (yes, there were few).

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Now grab your favorite snacks, cup of something good to sip on and lets dive into these SkinCare Favorites.

Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MiltiMist. This MulitMist is a a peptide-rich, hydrating formula that replenishes with prebiotics to balance skin’s microbiome for healthier-looking skin. I have been using this mist in the past months after face wash at any point of the day, and it is wonderful. My skin feel very hydrated and toned down. I really start loving the mist packaging for the toning solutions. I am definitely going to look for more options in the future for products of this type and that are also a bit more affordable.

Cerave Eye Repair Cream. Even though eye cream is considered one of the steps that you can easily skip and use your regular basic face moisturizer, I personally like eye creams. I tend to wake up with puffy eyes and I feel like I need that extra care for my eye area to help with that. Read full post here.

This eye cream simply does what I want the eye cream to do – medium thick formula that blends out and absorbs effortlessly. It is moisturizing and doesn’t peel, also works well under makeup. The included ingredients like ceramides, Hyaluronic acid are very nice helpful additions. The pointed nozzle of the packaging helps to precisely apply cream where you need it to go without exposing the product to air.

I recently moved to sunny state of Florida and when it comes to day moisturizers, I needed something that would be suitable for my oily skin, wore well under makeup, had SPF and wouldn’t melt off of my face with the high humidity and air temperature. I picked up this Moisturizing Lotion and it works so well for me. Its formula is more on the thiner side, applies easily without leaving white, sticky cast on skin. I recommend to give it about 10 minutes to fully absorb before applying makeup to prevent peeling. The packing offers a pump to get the product out without exposing it to air. Here you get compact packaging and benefits of moisturizer and SPF in one, also can’t beat the price. It’s a win.

Clinique Sunscreen Fluid for Face SPF 50. This mineral sunscreen is my new favorite to use under make up. The formula is very lightweight, and works very well for my oily skin type. The brand states that this formula suits even sensitive skin and area around the eyes without irritation. I do not have any issues with this product. It doesn’t have that sunscreen smell and not sticky.

NuFACE Trinity. If you follow me on IG where I did the highlight of this device, and received a lot of questions. I have been using my Nuface since the beginning of the year and I am loving it. I notice the results. They last for me about 2-3 days, even though I try to stay consistent and use it daily. I switch between morning and night times depending when I have more time or on how my skin looks and feels. I tend to wake up with puffy face and undeeyes, and this device helps with that a lot. I have an additional attachment that is suitable for eye and lip area. I know this product is pricey and is an investment. However, the professional procedure is the med spa would cost you as much for 2 treatments. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer.

PEACH & LILY Glass Skin Refining Serum. I love this serum. Super light, super absorbent. It is called” super juice” serum due to the included fruit juice acids that are added for skin benefits. It also includes other good skin ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide.

This Vitamin C serum that I have been loving recently I mentioned in my last Monthly Skincare Favorites and updated Morning Routine. In case you missed the posts.

Innisfree My Lip Balm in Wedding Peach Tea. The formula is very lightweight and formulated with moisture-boosting plant oils that coat the lips in a natural-looking tint without being sticky. There is a variety of color choices that will suit any taste.

Lancome Eye Makeup Remover. I have also mentioned this product in my Monthly Favorites. Refer to the full post for details.

Another product that was in my Favorites recently – undereye gels. This is something that I choose to do as a part of my morning skincare routine. This is an elective product. I have been using under eye gels for many years and find that this one works very well to keep the under eye area hydrated.

One more product that I would like to highlight – Mario Badescu Facial Toner. I have been using it for some time now and loving it. It is very gentle, alcohol free and provides nice calming and refreshing effect on skin.

I know it it pretty long list of things. I have been trying some new products this new year, also staying true to my established routine but testing new brands. I also have been trying few facial skin care devises that I will need bit more time to use to give my full option on them. Stay tuned for that.

From Eve with Love

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