Kylie Cosmetics // Blushes, Lips, Kybrows // Swatches+Review

It is an old song that celebrities started coming out with their own cosmetic lines long ago. Are all of them good? Are those products worth your money? Do you actually get quality products or you are just a fan? Are you chasing brand names in general and don’t mind spending $$ for the name … More Kylie Cosmetics // Blushes, Lips, Kybrows // Swatches+Review

Keto Coffee Recipe

Happy New 2020, Everyone! I hope everyone had a good celebration of the Holiday season with the friends and family! After all the indulgence in the delicious food and desserts , we all are going back on a diet, right? I implemented Keto diet last year ( that sounds like a lot, but it actually … More Keto Coffee Recipe